"Stop playing with our sanity": Fans go crazy as BTS’ Jungkook becomes the first K-pop artist to grace the cover page of the original DAZED magazine

Jungkook graces the international Dazed magazine (Images via Twitter/btspicstwt_ and Daily_JKUpdate)
Jungkook graces the international Dazed magazine (Images via Twitter/btspicstwt_ and Daily_JKUpdate)

BTS’ Jungkook graced the cover of the world-famous Dazed magazine on September 10, 2023. This was not the Dazed Korea magazine, which features K-pop stars often, but the original international Dazed magazine. This was a massive achievement for the BTS Star as he became the first ever K-pop artist to appear on the cover page of the original Dazed.

Jungkook will be the cover of the official Dazed UK magazine 2023 as a part of their Autumn issue. While only one photo has been released so far, it was enough to send fans into a frenzy.

BTS' Jungkook's picture for Dazed UK has fans swooning

Jungkook has wrapped up all the promotions for his single, Seven, which made its debut on July 14, 2023. Currently, he's diligently preparing for his upcoming album, set to be released in November. He has also been keeping busy with modeling gigs for various brands, most notably Calvin Klein.

During the Calvin Klein photoshoot campaign, Jungkook decided to bare his chest for the first time, much to the excitement of ARMY. This trend now seems to be continuing with his cover photoshoot for Dazed UK, where he once again appeared shirtless, donning just a jacket.

In the image, Jungkook was seen in a black leather jacket, hands resting on the steering wheel of a car. His signature lip piercing, new ear piercings, and left cheek scar added a unique edge to the look. Fans were particularly grateful that Dazed chose not to retouch his natural scar, as it enhanced the photo's overall impact.

Taylor Glasby, a feature writer based in London who was present during the photoshoot, couldn't contain her excitement and anticipation for the story to be unveiled. In a post on X, she described the experience as incredible and praised the star's magnetic presence on set.

“I could talk for hours about being on this shoot. Everyone was amazing and Jungkook was magnetic. Excited/nervous for the story to drop."

As soon as the BTS maknae's latest photo was released, social media saw a flood of posts gushing over the same.

The buzz among fans reached a fever pitch after witnessing this new photograph of the BTS singer. They flocked to the Dazed website in droves, overwhelming it to the point of crashing.

This level of excitement spilled over to pre-orders for the magazine, which were available on various platforms like Cokodive, Kpop exchange, and ktown4u kr. Something worth noting was that the first platform sold out in less than five minutes, representing the immense demand for this exclusive content.

The anticipation is growing everyday for the entire upcoming international campaign by Dazed, as this photoshoot served as a tantalizing teaser. As new BTS campaigns continue to surface, fans eagerly await what's in store for them in the coming days.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal