"If she's happy, it's all good": Bryce Hall reacts to rumors of ex Addison Rae dating Omer Fedi

Bryce Hall stated that he had never seen Omer Fedi until the latter's dating rumors with Addison Rae began (Image via Instagram)
Bryce Hall stated that he had never seen Omer Fedi until the latter's dating rumors with Addison Rae began (Image via Instagram)

Bryce Hall recently appeared on the TheSync podcast, and the conversation quickly turned to Addison Rae allegedly dating Machine Gun Kelly's guitarist, Omer Fedi.

In the clip on TheSync's clip channel, Hall stated that he had never seen Fedi until the latter's dating rumors with Rae began. One of the hosts commented that Addison was in "time for an upgrade," referencing a tweet Bryce Hall made last year.

The tweet was in regards to Addison Rae being seen with rapper Jack Harlow. It was quickly deleted after referencing Harlow was a downgrade from Hall and Rae previously dating.

While the hosts began joking that Fedi "must have a great personality," Bryce Hall spoke up.

"Hey, if she's happy, it's all good."

Hall quickly turned and mentioned that Fedi was receiving hate on the internet.

"I don't know what he did, but like all of the TikTok community hates him."

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Bryce Hall opens up about relationship with Addison Rae

Though the TikTok star admitted he wasn't sure if the dating rumors between Rae and Fedi were true, he claimed that he thought Addison was still "dating" Jack Harlow.

Rumors of Addison Rae and Omer Fedi began when the two were seen leaving MGK's pop-up concert on the weekend of June 19th. Fedi and Addison Rae posed together in his Instagram posts on May 2nd when the former appeared on "Saturday Night Live."

One of the hosts then asked him the last time Bryce Hall spoke to Addison Rae.

"The last time we talked was probably two months ago. Yeah, we haven't spoken in two months."

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During the remainder of the clip, Bryce Hall explained the awkward flight involving him and Addison Rae after not speaking for months. He stated that he was with Rae's parents at the time before Addison showed up.

Neither Addison Rae nor Omer Fedi has confirmed the alleged dating rumors. Jack Harlow has also not confirmed on previously "dating" the former.

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