Jake Gyllenhaal memes trend online after Taylor Swift announces "Red (Taylor's Version)," including possible 10-minute version of "All Too Well"

Taylor Swift's promotional photo for "Red (Taylor's Version)" (Image via Taylor Swift | Twitter)
Taylor Swift's promotional photo for "Red (Taylor's Version)" (Image via Taylor Swift | Twitter)
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After finding out that her original master recordings to all five studio albums were sold without her consent, Taylor Swift has decided to re-record those albums to reclaim her music.

That also includes her 2012 release of "Red," which houses several songs written about Swift's exes, including Jake Gyllenhaal, whose song on her third album is titled "All Too Well."

In an announcement on June 18th on Twitter, Taylor Swift mentioned that the song written about the famous actor could potentially be ten minutes long. She added that the new version of the album would have thirty songs instead of the original sixteen.

Some fans are speculating that the singer-songwriter will also be swearing in this album, as she hadn't previously. Swift stated that the release of Red (Taylor's Version) would be on November 19th.

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift

The two began dating in late 2010 but ended things abruptly after experiencing hardships with the spotlight. However, that didn't stop Swift from writing All Too Well about the actor.

In the song, Taylor Swift details the intimacy of a relationship that falls apart and the pain of putting oneself together afterward. The 31-year-old also wrote "We Are Never Getting Back Together" about the blockbuster actor.

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But this isn't new to Taylor Swift's fans, and many are excited to hear the re-recordings of Red (Taylor's Version), hoping the ten-minute track will be the heartbreak ballad about Jake Gyllenhaal.

The 40-year-old was trending on Twitter, with many of Swift's fans sharing memes about Jake reliving songs about him all over again. Some even speculate that Jake Gyllenhaal might be excited about the release of the album himself.

One fan also joked that the pressure was off Taylor Swift's other exes now that the focus was on the California native.

Overall, the excitement for the latest album release is palpable. So far, Jake Gyllenhaal has not commented on the announcement of his exes' album re-release.

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