James Corden under fire due to a "culturally offensive" Spill Your Guts segment, which allegedly mocks Asians

James Corden, who is the host of "The Late Late Show With James Corden." Image
James Corden, who is the host of "The Late Late Show With James Corden." Image via CBS

James Corden, the British comedian and host of the Late Late Show, has landed in hot waters after hosting a segment on his show allegedly mocking Asian food. A petition has been put up on to persuade the network to cancel the "Spill Your Guts" segment.

So far, 11,000 people have signed the petition that criticizes the show’s portrayal of Asian food. The organizers wrote that,

“Many of the foods that he presents to his guests are actually from different Asian cultures. He’s presented foods such as balut, century-old eggs, and chicken feet, and which are often regularly eaten by Asian people.”

What else is mentioned in the petition against James Corden’s show?

The petition noted the show's massive audience and highlighted that the significant public reach qualifies for more scrutiny from producers and showrunners about the content being aired. In addition, organizers alleged that the negative impact of the segment would be felt by Asian-Americans, especially given the context of targeted violence against the community.

The petition had a few demands from Corden as well. For one, it also holds him personally responsible for hosting content that negatively caricatures Asian culture. The following are some of the other requests made by organizers:

  1. Change the food presented in the show to something else or completely remove the segment.
  2. A formal apology by James Corden on his show, which includes steps that he could take to do better in the future.
  3. Donate funds to local Asian-American organizations that work to help Asian-owned restaurants and small businesses.

There is a possibility that the petition might not have any impact on James Corden’s show or the segment. However, if the showrunners don't acknowledge the error, the petition organizers might use the signatures to file a lawsuit in the future.


But more likely, the petition will do some PR damage, after which James Corden might scrap the section. However, there has been no formal acknowledgment of the issue by the producers, network, or host.

The "Spill Your Guts" segment usually has two guests. Sometimes it is James Corden himself. Guests are served what is called "disgusting food." They ask each other uncomfortable questions prepared by the staff. If they refuse to answer, they must eat one of the food products on the table.

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