“Kisoo!”: BLACKPINK’s Lisa teases Jisoo for her first kiss on ‘Snowdrop’

BLACKPINK's Lisa and Jisoo for Halloween 2021 (Image via @sooyaaa__/Instagram)
BLACKPINK's Lisa and Jisoo for Halloween 2021 (Image via @sooyaaa__/Instagram)

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s first on-screen kiss on Snowdrop caused chaos on Twitter as fans couldn’t stop gushing about it. Group member Lisa was among the many who were excited about the kiss.

In a recent VLive where all four members spent time with fans, Lisa teased Jisoo about her first kiss, sending the internet into a meltdown.

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s kiss with Jung Hae-in becomes the most iconic moment in ‘Snowdrop’

She just can't stop teasing & Jisoo's fed up 🤣🤣🤣 Lisa's smile and Jisoo's reaction is sending me pls i love them so much

In a much-awaited episode of Snowdrop, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae-in locked lips and sent the internet into a frenzy. The political drama marked Jisoo’s acting debut. Fans’ excitement soared through the roof as seeing K-pop idols show intimacy with the other gender is a rare sight unless they are acting.

With the recent trend demanding a comeback by BLINKs, BLACKPINK members surprised fans with a livestream. A fan asked Lisa if she saw the kissing scene during the stream, the idol replied confidently that she did, leaving Jisoo to laugh at her reaction.

Lisa continued teasing her throughout the livestream, making fans who were watching the duo chuckle. She then asked Jisoo if she was “kissy-Jisoo” now, later calling her “Kisoo.”

Additionally, Jisoo also poked fun at her members by revealing that Lisa anticipated the kiss and even took out her phone to record it, but got tired because of how long the scene’s buildup was before the two kissed.

The livestream continued with the members continuously teasing Jisoo. The fun time gave rise to various new memes and content that BLINKs were yearning for. The Thai rapper said she could be Young-li, Jisoo’s substitute, and even imitated the kissing scene asking if Jisoo wanted coffee and many more things.

They know 😏😆🤍✨ I want to see more teasing moments 😆#HAESOO #LISA #JISOO #Snowdrop #VLIVE
Lisa: "Lisa, stop talking about kissing!!!" what can I do?? I am having so much fun teasing Jisoo unnie... should i be her double then? Jisoo: no... I am BLINK's baby... Lisa: I can be her substitute? *starts acting!"* would be Young-Li...Jisoo: Young-Ro and Li..that's similar
Jisoo and Lisa were talking about the kiss scene and Lisa said of course she watched it and started teasing Jisoo saying “Since when were you a kisser” and Jisoo’s like “I wouldn’t call myself a kisser” They gave no spoilers for upcoming kisses but Jisoo made it pretty obvious 😂
lisa is teasing jisoo about the kissing scene 😭💀
Lol the "Kiss-Soo"❤️ Lisa the bully sister lmao hhahaha
Lisa won’t really go of the Haesoo kiss!! that’s our president!!
lisa: KISS-OO!!!jisoo: *tries to kiss lisalisa: have you become a kissing addict DJDCJKJ AJFXW
jisoo's reaction when lisa said she'll take her place 😭😭😭😭😭
@haeinjisoos Hae in looking at two girlies fighting for him🤣:
Rosé said she watched the kiss scene and was about to talk about it but Jisoo and Lisa stopped her from talking about it because Blinks said not to “I’m BLINK’s baby” haha I heard Rosé saying “I don’t think it’s considered a kiss” implying that it was just a peck? 😂

Other group members also joined in on the fun. Jennie shared that she was jealous of Jung Hae-in because of an interview he shared with Jisoo and Rosé calling the kiss just a peck.

BLINKs challenge Jung Hae-in as BLACKPINK’s live gives them fun memes

#HaeSoo kissing scene:#Rosé: "I don't think it's a kiss."#Lisa: "It's only this." #Jennie: "I know her better."HAEIN ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE NOW

The chaotic livestream entertained the BLINK fandom to no end. After the live, fans jokingly challenged Snowdrop’s lead actor, Jung Hae-in, to prove himself by listing the many things members said on Vlive. They even called him the luckiest man alive to have all four members’ attention.

Meanwhile, Snowdrop ended on January 31 with its second-highest viewership ratings in South Korea.

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