"YGE, respond to the Blinks" fans demand a response from BLACKPINK's agency for the group's return

From left to right: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rose (Image via Twitter@BLACKPINK)
From left to right: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rose (Image via Twitter@BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK fans, known as Blinks, have taken to social media once more to demand the return of their favorite K-pop group. The fanbase decided to revive the issue concerning the group's future activities.

According to reports, it has been two years since the world-famous K-pop group released any music, barring Rose and Lisa's solo records. Fans are questioning the group's agency for its delayed response.

Where is BLACKPINK? Annoyed fans react to YGE's delayed response again

On January 24, 2022, Blinks yet again took to various social media platforms to demand that YG Entertainment update the fans regarding the artist's future activities.

According to fans, it has been 15 months and three weeks since the group's comeback, with their full-length album THE ALBUM released on October 2, 2022. On January 11, 2022, fans began questioning the agency about the group's return to the music scene after it announced a merchandise release date.

The Blinks remain in suspense as no update has been given by YG Entertainment. Fans took to the Twitterverse to restart their online demand for a response. They began trending hashtags like #WeWantBlackpinkMusic and more.

Fans stated that they would continue demanding the same until YG Entertainment releases an official statement. They further added that they'd rather save money to purchase the group's new music than order more merchandise.

A few hours later, the group acknowledged their concerns and surprised fans by broadcasting themselves on VLive to comfort and encourage them. Fans were on cloud nine and expressed how much they missed the four girls.

More updates on the K-pop girl group

On January 24, 2022, according to ‘a positive impact on the national image of Korea survey’, the group was voted third place (6.1%) as they contributed to make a positive image of Korea to foreigners. These results were announced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Furthermore, the 31st Seoul Music Awards 2022 received backlash from netizens over social media as fans accused the awards ceremony of rigging votes. They expressed their disappointment that artists such as BLACKPINK's Lisa and Rose, NCT DREAM, TXT, Stray Kids and more didn't receive a Bonsang (main prize) at this year's award ceremony.

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