BLACKPINK rumored to make 2022 comeback indicates financial report

BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' poster (Image via @blackpinkofficial/Instagram)
BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' poster (Image via @blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

On January 20, Samsung Securities' researcher Choi Min-ha predicted that BLACKPINK will be resuming its full-fledged activity mid-2022, along with other YG groups in Asia Today’s report. The financial report stated that Samsung Securities lowered its profit goals for the agency for the first half of the year due to its artists’ inactivities.

The financial report served as fodder for the BLINK fandom who have earnestly waited for a group comeback for nearly two years. The report predicts that the group will release an album in June or July 2022.

‘BLACKPINK PLEASE COMEBACK’ trends as financial report predicts album release in mid 2022

the way blackpink made everyone beg for their comeback lmao blackpink please comeback 🧎🏻‍♀️

BLINKs are back in action, demanding that YG Entertainment break its silence over BLACKPINK’s comeback. Though there is recurring demand, it was put in the spotlight after Asia Today’s report of Samsung Securities' financial prediction for the company was released on January 20.

According to the report, Choi Min-ah, a researcher at Samsung Securities stated that they had lowered their target price for YG Entertainment from 91,000 KRW to 78,000 KRW. She also predicted that the stock price would rise from the middle of 2022 when the agency's artists would resume full-fledged activity.

The researcher specifically stated that because the group's activities have been sparse, the group is expected to release an album in June or July and “highly likely” to go on a world tour.

Imagine having a group who’s so immensely popular they can sell over 1M albums & yet you put them on the back burner and treat like complete sh*t, YG will never understand what they have

The report has left the BLINK fandom in chaos, as they are now demanding answers and asking more questions about the group. BLINKs trended ‘BLACKPINK PLEASE COMEBACK’ and criticized YG Entertainment for not giving the group music releases and promotions.

@BBU_BLACKPINK @BLACKPINK So did Jennie and Rosé project get scrapped? We know they did something. Will Jisoo get no solo? Will Jennie not get an album? Will Lisa get to see her family in Thailand since they not doing anything!

Fans raised questions about Jisoo’s solo, world tour COVID scare, and that the idols might not be able to attend year-end music shows if they go on tour during late 2022 after an album release in the middle of the year.

Moreover, rumors about a full-group comeback have trended a couple of times in the past, but the agency quickly denied the rumors, fueling fans' anger.

covid situation wont get better until next year there is no reason for bp to go on tour and for jisoo to have her solo delayed bcof that. just get on with that group comeback and give her a solo and go on tour when people arent dying yg is truly hell
yg delayed bp's comeback then sabotaged naeun's activities so that she won't join apink's comeback 💀 there's a reason why yg ent is just a worst and worse company
@draumatized_ Since bp comeback is delayed to mid year and i don't think her solo would be happened before that ot4 cb, so another drama for her would be nice
i need a new bp comeback just to see what she wears next
yg will be giving everybody a comeback but blackpink😧
missing pinks so bad r8 now.... It's been so so so long 🥺..getting worse day by day... BLACKPINK PLEASE COMEBACK

Meanwhile, the girl group’s last full-group album release was The Album in October 2020. The Album featured eight tracks, of which two - How You Like That and Ice Cream with (Selena Gomez) - were pre-released. Fans even started comparing the long breaks with the boy group’s enlistment break.

The report also predicted "additional activities" for TREASURE and the debut of a new girl group.

YG Entertainment has released no official statement regarding the rumor yet.

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