YG Entertainment denies comeback plans, debunking the Blackpink poster circulating on social media

Blackpink's label clarifies rumors about the group's future comeback (Image via YG Entertainment)
Blackpink's label clarifies rumors about the group's future comeback (Image via YG Entertainment)

Blackpink's management label YG Entertainment has spoken out about the rumored "official" comeback poster currently circulating online.

The poster, which was edited to look like an official poster from YG Entertainment, hinted at the four-member K-pop girl group's comeback. However, their label has officially dismissed the poster, clarifying Blackpink's future plans.

YG Entertainment dismisses fake Blackpink comeback poster

A representative of YG Entertainment has officially debunked the Blackpink comeback rumors that were alight owing to the supposed "official" poster circulating on the internet.

The representative stated that Blackpink is indeed working on a new project, but the poster that has been shared is not from YG Entertainment. Supposedly, it was created by a fan. The poster teases the alleged release of a Blackpink pre-release single titled Ready for Love.

this is the poster in question. I hope @ygent_official and @THEBLACKLABEL_ gets pressured by this and push through with the comeback plans already lol#BLACKPINK #comeback #lisa #jennie #jisoo #rose

So far, no news regarding Blackpink's next comeback has been made public. Their latest music release was on August 3, 2021, with the Japanese version of The Album. It included Japanese remakes of the group's hit tracks How You Like That, Pretty Savage, Lovesick Girls, and You Never Know.

Fans of Blackpink have been antsy waiting for the girls to return to releasing music as a group. This past year, both Lisa (real name Lalisa Manoban) and Rose (Chae-young Park) made their solo debuts in the K-pop industry.


Rose's single On the Ground previously held the record for the most views scored by a music video from a Korean solo artist within 24 hours of its release. The title was then taken by Lisa, with her single Money.

Meanwhile, Jisoo (real name Ji-soo Kim) is all set to make her debut in the world of acting with her K-drama Snowdrop which will be released soon. More information regarding the show can be found here.

Jennie (or Jennie Kim) made her solo debut on November 12, 2018, with her single Solo. It received a Platinum certification from the KMCA (Korean Music Content Association).

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As the members of Blackpink have found immense success as solo artists in the past few years, fans are excited to see the group re-unite for a comeback under their singular name.

Aside from their Japanese album, Blackpink's latest original Korean release was made in 2020, with their aptly named album ,The Album. It contained the singles How You Like That, Ice Cream feat. Selena Gomez, Pretty Savage, Bet You Wanna feat. Cardi B., Lovesick Girls, Crazy Over You, Love to Hate Me, and You Never Know.

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