I-LAND 2 lands in trouble with TREASURE fans for copying band’s greeting 'Find Your Treasure'

A screenshot of I-LAND 2 tag line in teaser. (Image via Mnet K-POP/YouTube)
A screenshot of I-LAND 2 tag line in teaser. (Image via Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

On September 27, Mnet and HYBE announced the launch of I-LAND 2, which will launch ENHYPEN's sister group. The broadcast network released a teaser in anticipation of the launch of auditions and landed itself in hot soup.

Fans of TREASURE pointed out that the tag line of the show seemed to be a copy of YG Entertainment's band TREASURE. In the teaser video, the line 'Find Your I' was featured. TREASURE has used 'Find Your Treasure' as their greeting since the day of their debut.


As a result, fans flooded Mnet's YouTube channel and Instagram account to point out this blatant flaw in I-LAND 2's teaser.

TREASURE fans react to Mnet's teaser of I-LAND 2 and troll the broadcast channel

Fans took to Twitter to call Mnet out. Many pointed out that Mnet won't be able to outdo the original, ever.

MNET, I think you didn't forget it? Right!??!??!?!?!FIND YOUR TREASURE#트레저 #トレジャー #TREASURE @treasuremembers

The greeting holds sentimental value to the band and fans, as it is something that TREASURE has built up from scratch. It is because of this significance that the band had trademarked the iconic phrase. The group also uses the phrase 'Find You...' for their brand endorsements. This also includes 'Find Your Korea' series and the 'Find Your Truz character range' among other things.

you can never outdo the doer, mnet.FIND YOUR TREASURE!#트레저 #トレジャー #TREASURE @treasuremembers

So the fans were fair in being enraged about I-LAND 2's teaser. To explain the significance even further, fans used a quote by member Bang Yedam. The quote that they referred to was,

It means that we want to become something special in people’s everyday lives. If we can give them a sense of consolation or happiness through our music, or make them happy, then I think that’s the good influence that we’re spreading. - Bang Yedam

I-LAND 2 is not the first time that Mnet has copied YGE's work. Many have pointed out that the Street Woman Fighter's trophy closely resembled WINNER's light stick. Similarly, hit show KINGDOM's trophy resembled BIGBANG's light stick.

mnet always copying yge but treat yg's artist so dirty 🙄

Fans have also speculated that this is due to the long-standing beef between the broadcast network and the entertainment label. Over a period of many audition programs that were aired on the channel, fans believed that the channel mistreated artists of YG Entertainment. Hence, they have claimed that they were not surprised by I-LAND 2's teaser in the least.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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