Netizens slam Mnet for 'disrespecting Islam' in latest Street Woman Fighter controversy

Mnet's Street Woman Fighter poster feat Kang Daniel (Image via Reddit)
Mnet's Street Woman Fighter poster feat Kang Daniel (Image via Reddit)

Mnet, the South Korean network channel, is again under fire. Visibly upset netizens are demanding the biggest network channel apologize and take down a video of their latest female dance survival show, Street Woman Fighter.

Netizens found an intro video of Street Woman Fighter's episode where adhan (also written as adzan or azan), an Islamic call to prayer, has been used as background music. The "adhan" song used is a remix version and is part of a track released seven years ago by a band called LOSERS.

Netizens, especially Muslim K-pop fans, are demanding Mnet apologize for the blatant cultural appropriation and asking them to take down the video.

Mnet's Street Woman Fighter under fire for using Adhan as an aesthetic

The issue arose on September 4, 2021, when Twitter user @luotianguo asked fellow K-pop stans to help raise awareness on Mnet's controversial editing. The user screen recorded the intro video and detailed out why it's cultural appropriation.

In the video, a remixed version of adhan can be heard, used as BGM to enhance the episode's impact.

Multiple Muslim K-pop stans took to Twitter to explain how utterly disrespectful it is to use a sacred adhan just for "aesthetic purposes". They're also blaming Mnet for cultural appropriation and asking them to change the soundtrack from the video.

The controversy came into the limelight a few hours ago, as netizens started trending #MnetApologize and tagging Mnet's official Twitter account. They also left comments on Mnet's videos and the LOSERS' song videos with the azan.

This isn't the first time Muslim K-pop stans have been riled up. There have been multiple instances where, citing no knowledge, artists have ended up disrespecting Islam.

This includes appropriating them in their song lyrics (Jay Park, Teddy, and more) and using images of an Islamic shrine, mosque, and religious text solely for aesthetic purposes (NCT U).

Similarly, even Mnet has been slammed multiple times for its countless controversies. Vote rigging on survival shows, "evil editing" (showcasing a person in a negative light to gain sympathy or views), and more are some of the many reasons K-pop stans despise Mnet.

There has been no official news from Mnet regarding the Street Woman Fighter controversy yet.

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