Street Woman Fighter: Release date, airtime, and all you need to know

Street Woman Fighter, Met's upcoming female dance crew survival show (Image via MNet YouTube)
Street Woman Fighter, Met's upcoming female dance crew survival show (Image via MNet YouTube)

"Street Woman Fighter" is one of Mnet's new survival shows. Revolving around the power of dance, the show will feature 8 different female dance crews competing with each other to come out on top.

With a star-studded ensemble, many are turning their eyes towards the show - especially since Mnet, famous for their reality shows, is in charge. They're known in the industry for their intense survival reality shows; most recently, "Kingdom," "Show Me The Money," "I-LAND," "Queendom," "Produce 101," and so forth.

Ahead of Street Woman Fighter, Mnet will be debuting their new girl-group survival show titled "Girls Planet 999." After Street Woman Fighter concludes, the 10th season of Mnet's hip-hop survival reality show "Show Me the Money" is slated to take over.

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When will Street Woman Fighter air? Judges, release date, and more

For the show, eight female dance crews will be participating head-to-head in dance-offs, aiming to become the #1 crew.

Kang Daniel, one of the winners of Produce 101 season 2 and a member of WannaOne, is all set to be the show's host. He is currently the CEO of his own label, Konnect Entertainment.

Serving as permanent judges for the show will be Lee Taeyong, the leader of NCT, as well as solo artist BoA. The two have been widely praised for their capability and talent in the act of dance.

Release date and airtimes

The first episode of Street Woman Fighter will air on the 24th of August on the official Mnet channel in South Korea. Supposedly, one episode will air every Saturday. More details are unknown as of now.

Street Woman Fighter: Contestants

Eight all-female dance crews will be participating for the duration of Street Woman Fighter. Some of them may be familiar to audience members who are attuned to the K-POP industry.

1) YGX

YGX Entertainment is a subsidiary of YG Entertainment that merged with Big Bang Seungri's label NHR. The YGX team will comprise of female dancers from the company.



WANT is a star-studded dance crew, including Choi Hyojin of 1MILLION dance studio, as well as Lee Chaeyeon from the project girl-group I*ZONE, formed as a result of Mnet's Produce 48 (the 3rd season of Produce 101).



PROWDMON is a dance crew that is said to have participated in several dance battles in the country. The members are Monika, LipJ, Kayday, Hamg, Hyeily, Rosy, and Dia.



WAYB is quite well known, as several of their dancers have appeared in TV shows and music videos for established artists. More recently, Noze went viral with a fancam of her performance in the background of EXO Kai's music video for "Mmmh."


5) HolyBang

HolyBang is not new to the small screens, having danced for artists such as AOMG's Jay Park, Daytona Entertainment's Yumdda, and P-Nation's Jessi. With plenty of experience, many are anticipating their performances on the show.



LACHICHA is another dance crew that has performed with artists before. Yubin, DaHye, BoA, SNSD's Hyoyeon, and SHINee's Taemin are some of the names they have worked with.



HOOK have participated in their fair share of dance competitions. The group has received support from famous choreographer Honey J. Members of the crew who appeared in season 3 of the international TV show World of Dance.


8) CocaNButter

CocaNButter is a 4-member dance crew. They've also participated in several dance battles. Most recently, members of the crew were backup dancers for rapper Queen wA$ABii for one of her performances in Mnet's Good Girl.


Where can you watch Street Woman Fighter?

Street Woman Fighter will be broadcast on South Korea's Mnet channel. Clips and highlights, along with all the performances, will be uploaded to Mnet's official YouTube channel after every episode.

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Mark your calendars for August 24th to see the ultimate dance-off between professional dancers. Fans of BoA, Taeyong, and Kang Daniel will also be delighted to see the trio interact and show a new side of themselves on Street Woman Fighter.

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