"Last month was the highest I made": Amouranth reveals staggering amount of money she made in just a month

Amouranth on the H3H3 podcast (Image via h3h3productions/Twitch)
Amouranth on the H3H3 podcast (Image via h3h3productions/Twitch)

If Twitch held a popularity contest, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa would come as the winner, beating the likes of Ninja, Shroud, and xQc. The hot tub turned ASMR streamer has already bagged the title of the most popular female streamer, and her watching numbers continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Naturally, the content that Amouranth streams has always been controversial. It has also attracted a ban from Twitch, but the broadcaster remains confident about her future.

In fact, she finally revealed how much money she made in just the last month, and the amount is certainly mind-blowing.

Fans always wonder what Amouranth is worth, and they are curious to know if she is already a millionaire. The popular Twitch streamer finally quenched that thirst on the recent H3H3 podcast and told the audience that the previous month was the most successful in her career, raking in a staggering amount of money.

"Last month was actually my highest month ever. I made 1.1 million."

That finally settles the debate on whether Amouranth is a millionaire. The 27-year-old has been streaming for a long time now, and if she made $1.1 million just last month, her total net worth would easily be a lot more than that amount.

Amouranth made $1 million from Twitch in a month without doing anything "shady"

Responding to Amouranth's revelation, H3H3 said that she is making what Trainwreckstv made in a month and that too without doing anything "shady."

This was a direct jab at the latter, who has been gambling on Twitch, allegedly making his audience lose money on gambling websites to earn a fat paycheck.

Amouranth also took the opportunity to call out her haters and replied that the topic is certainly up for debate. Many streamers on Twitch think that she is doing something shady by exploiting the loopholes on Twitch.

Regardless of her streaming practices, whatever Amouranth is doing has undoubtedly been working since she took home $1.1 million last month amidst all the criticism and even a three-day Twitch ban.

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