Gambling on Twitch: Should the platform introduce stricter policies to combat the problem?

Trainwreckstv gambling on Twitch (Image via YouTube/xQc)
Trainwreckstv gambling on Twitch (Image via YouTube/xQc)

Gaming on Twitch has been performing poorly in the last few months, and new metas have come up that are now dominating the streaming platform. These previously included hot tub streams and GTA RP but have now transitioned into gambling and ASMR.

While the explicit ASMR streams are a story for another day, Gambling on Twitch has been picking up at an alarmingly fast rate. Popular streamers, who can almost be considered the faces of Twitch, have been actively streaming gambling on their Twitch channels.

While the likes of xQc and Trainwreckstv have taken to streaming gambling on their streams, there has also been a lot of backlash from prominent faces like Pokimane, who have been opposing Twitch ever since the trend started.

Popular streamers give their take on gambling on Twitch

Pokimane recently called out Trainwreckstv for indirectly promoting gambling on his streams. While those who gamble on streams argue that they are giving disclaimers and not endorsing gambling, their streams are actually motivating people to gamble and, in turn, lose money.

According to Pokimane, it is this money that these gambling websites use to play streamers involved in gambling on Twitch.

"These companies are giving him money every single month, which means that his viewers are indeed losing money on these sites, every single month. So as much as you wanna say that the tactics you do or the precautions you give prevent people from gambling, ultimately, you are losing people money, and the proof is in the cheque you get every month."

Pokimane's comments came in response to Trainwreckstv revealing the fee these gambling websites pay him. The streamer went on the H3H3 podcast and revealed that he gets paid "a million a month" to stream gambling on Twitch.

In fact, even xQc went on the same podcast and compared drinking alcohol on stream to gambling, saying that if drinking and smoking on streams are not condemned, why do people call out streamers who take part in gambling on Twitch.

The streaming community remains divided on the issue, with many who get paid by these websites defending the controversial meta. However, most streamers condemn gambling on Twitch as it is extremely addictive, and people many people end up losing a lot of money because of it.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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