The Internet reacts to xQc announcing his break from livestreaming

Fans react to xQc taking a break from Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans react to xQc taking a break from Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

French-Canadian variety Twitch streamer, xQc, surprised his fans when he announced a break from streaming. The popular streamer amassed a large fanbase in the last few months alone, constantly being at the top of the streaming industry.

xQc reigned over Twitch with the highest average live viewers and active subscriber count. Naturally, the news about him taking a break from streaming comes as a huge disappointment to his fans.

The streamer wishes to focus more on making quality content rather than repetitive content – something his fans have started disliking over time. Therefore, xQc thought it best to take some time off to improve.

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Internet has mixed reactions to xQc taking a break from streaming

xQc undisputably has an extremely loyal fanbase, which has supported him through thick and thin. Therefore, his decision to take a time out from streaming was met with support from most of his fans. They didn't mind him dropping such an unexpected and unfortunate piece of news on them.

Fans let the streamer know that they are eagerly waiting for him to return to streaming. Meanwhile, they will continue to motivate him to do what he does best.

On the other hand, many fans also feel the streamer doesn't need a break, since they are already enjoying his content.

Controversial streamer, Adin Ross, also replied to xQc's tweet, remarking that gaming is dull and those who stream games are no longer fun to watch.

A few disgruntled fans also took the opportunity to call xQc out for his content. They even threatened to unfollow the streamer if he didn't return with better material. While these threats are meaningless to the popular streamer, they do reveal that his streams were recently becoming stale.

Unfortunately, xQc hasn't disclosed how long of a break he plans to take. His absence will certainly leave a gap in the streaming industry.

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