Top 5 Twitch streamers who had life-threatening confrontations while on livestream

Dr Disrespect becomes a victim of a drive-by shooting while streaming on Twitch (Image via DramaAlert)
Dr Disrespect becomes a victim of a drive-by shooting while streaming on Twitch (Image via DramaAlert)

One might think streaming on Twitch, sitting comfortably inside a room behind a camera, might be one of the safest jobs in the world. However, there would be certain streamers who will disagree.

Many big names, including xQc and Dr Disrespect, have been victims of life-threatening confrontations. In fact, these also took place while the streamers were streaming live on Twitch, making things even more serious. Fortunately, these streamers managed to make it out of these life-threatening situations alive.

Twitch streamers have been victims of robberies, swatting, and even shootings while they have been streaming.

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Twitch streamers who were victims of life-threatening confrontations


A South African Twitch streamer was a victim of a robbery while he was livestreaming. His fans could see the robbers come in and pull the streamer away from his seat.


The stream kept on going as the robbers confronted MSBANDIIT and went ahead with the robbery. Fortunately, the streamer made it out alive from the situation.

2) xQc

Popular Twitch streamer xQc recently moved out of his home in Austin, Texas, back to Canada. While describing the reasons as to why he decided to move so abruptly, xQc said that he was a frequent victim of police raids to the point where he was scared for his life.


In fact, the raids were so frequent that the streamer had developed a method to conduct them quietly without disturbing his streams. Therefore, while none of this was ever captured on his stream, there were multiple police raids that happened in his house while he was live on Twitch.

3) Dr Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect been a victim of drive-by shootings twice during his days as a Twitch streamer. The shots were so loud that they were clearly audible to his fans who were watching.


Doc, who rarely ditches his character, had to abruptly leave his Twitch livestream to check on his family and whether anyone had been hurt. Fortunately, after the second shooting, there has been no news of another one happening.

4) JayKirky

The 24-year old Twitch streamer was confronted by intruders wielding machetes and guns as they entered his house while he was livestreaming Resident Evil. The intruders were looking for someone else and confused Jay to be the person they were after.


Fortunately, Jay managed to handle the situation well and came out of it without a scratch. However, he was certainly shaken by everything that happened that day, and it was clearly visible on his Twitch livestream.

5) Tfue

Yet another Twitch streamer who was the victim of a scary swatting was none other than Tfue. The popular streamer was casually playing Minecraft when the police showed up.


His audience could hear the police call out Tfue. The Twitch stream was live for about 2 minutes before Tfue re-entered and looked at the camera nervously. He chose not to say anything, but someone on his stream claimed responsibility through a donation.