Top 5 streamers who were caught cheating while live streaming on Twitch or YouTube

Twitch streamer xQc during a Fall Guys tournament (Image via xQc)
Twitch streamer xQc during a Fall Guys tournament (Image via xQc)

Often while gaming and streaming on Twitch or YouTube, players can't cover the skill gap between themselves and others. Therefore, they resort to hacking or cheating to catch up to the rest. While many sneakily get away with using unfair means, some popular streamers forget that they are livestreaming in front of thousands.

Streamers such as xQc and NickEh30, who have earned massive repute through their streams, have also been caught cheating while livestreaming.

In many cases, Twitch h`as ended up banning those who cheat while streaming on the platform. Moreover, some of these players have also received in-game bans for violating the terms of the game.

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Twitch and YouTube streamers who got caught cheating

1) WaterGotHim


Popular Apex Legends Twitch streamer WaterGotHim was recently under a lot of criticism after he faced allegations for DDoSing Apex servers. He often faced server crashes before the start of his games.

Water also received an exceptionally high amount of RP between streams which made his fans suspicious. These made players look for evidence, and they noticed Water typing into his keyboard before the match started and then acting surprised when the server crashed.

While the Twitch streamer continues to deny all allegations, he has stopped playing Apex and continues to play COD, making fans assume he has possibly been banned from Apex Legends.

2) Solista

The #65 Radiant ranked Valorant player from North America received a shocking ban from the game while he was livestreaming on Twitch. It was in the middle of the game when he was kicked out with his screen showing an error message.

As soon as Solista quit the game, he was shown a message from Vanguard that read 'hacker detected.' Valorant's Vanguard anti-cheat is currently the best anti-cheat in any game. The fact that it detected and banned a Twitch streamer live only goes ahead and proves that.

3) NickEH30

Fortnite streamer NickEh30 (Image via NickEH30)
Fortnite streamer NickEh30 (Image via NickEH30)

Viewers were left baffled when they saw their favorite Fortnite streamer land outside the map in the Twitch Superbowl Charity Event. While he wasn't using any third-party software, many argued that even exploiting glitches counts as cheating.

The fact that many fans heard Nick planning to land outside the map makes it even worse since he intentionally planned to cheat in the Fortnite tournament. Unfortunately, neither did the streamer see any punishment from Epic Games, nor did Twitch take a strict stance on his violation.

4) xQc


xQc is by far the biggest Twitch streamer who has been caught cheating during a livestream. His stream-sniping incident during a Fall Guys GlitchCon tournament is still fresh in everyone's memory.

Twitch handed xQc a temporary ban for violating the rules of a tournament that too one with money on the line that someone else could have won if the streamer hadn't stream-sniped.

5) IcyVixen, and BeardedBanger

A real-life streaming couple got banned by Twitch for streaming and then bragging about it on their livestream. It was through the efforts of Alex Zedra, the actress behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Mara, who is also a Twitch streamer.

She tweeted out to Activision for support after she noticed the two Call of Duty: Warzone players cheating. The duo received their bans live on stream and were very angry.