Popular Apex Legends streamer ‘WaterGotHim’ caught cheating on Livestream

WaterGotHim (Image via YouTube)
WaterGotHim (Image via YouTube)

An Apex Legends streamer has seemingly been caught cheating on some of his most recent gameplays.

Apex Legends, like any other online game, runs on servers to keep everything running smoothly. However, sometimes these servers are disrupted and cause major in-game issues and ultimately ruin the fun for everyone. Well, this is exactly what Apex Legends streamer WaterGotHim is being accused of, among other things.

WaterGotHim has tried to discourage any rumors of him “cheating” while playing, but a lot of evidence suggests otherwise.

Apex Legends Streamer ‘WaterGotHim’ Cheating

Everything began to blow up as WaterGotHim was playing in the São Paulo servers. Everything seemed fine up until a certain match began where the servers were then DDoS immediately at the start. The game lost connection but as soon as it was back a player named Bloodhound6628 was the first player knocking people down.

While everyone was falling and dying, some noticed that Bloodhound6628 had the same stats, badges, heirloom position, and banner frame as WaterGotHim.

WaterGotHim has also been called out for gaining an excessive amount of RP while not streaming. This isn’t abnormal, players can play and gain a lot of RP without needing to stream every game.

However, because of this recent match that was DDoS, a lot of players are thinking he’s behind it after all. Plus, in another live stream, players can clearly hear WaterGotHim typing into a keyboard before the servers fail, causing him to give a fake reaction.

It’s also worth noting that WaterGotHim has also possibly been banned from playing Apex Legends altogether as he’s only been playing COD.

WaterGotHim continues to deny all allegations, which makes the situation funnier as several players continue to make fun of him and encourage him to just admit to it all.

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