Twitch streamer threatened with machete and gun on live stream, after intruders break into his home

Image via JayKirky/ Twitch
Image via JayKirky/ Twitch

In a shocking incident captured on live stream recently, a Twitch streamer was threatened by a group of intruders wielding machetes and guns.

The Twitch streamer in question is 24-year old JayKirky, who recently endured a harrowing experience on live stream after being confronted by intruders.

The entire incident took place while he was playing Resident Evil on stream, only to be interrupted by loud noises in the background.

As he went to investigate, he ended up being confronted by intruders. Although they were looking for someone else, due to a mix-up, they landed up at his apartment instead.

Considering the fact that things could have gone south pretty quickly, JayKirky somehow managed to maintain his composure, but was visibly shaken on returning to his computer.

Twitch streamer threatened on live stream

[Timestamp: 04:25:40]

JayKirky is a relatively small streamer, who according to his Twitch bio, is a huge fan of Resident Evil.

During his latest stream, he was faced with a horrifying situation, when intruders mistook his address for somebody else's and proceeded to threaten him with a machete and gun.

The entire confrontation happened off stream, as concerned viewers could only hear the sound of people shouting and glass being smashed in the background. This left them confused and startled.

JayKirky can be heard pleading in the background, as his chat watches on in horror:

"I'll give you anything you want, please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...I have nothing to do with this...."

After a couple of nerve-wracking minutes, a visibly shaken JayKirky finally returned to explain to his Twitch chat exactly what happened, as he recounted his terrifying ordeal to them:

"What the f**k...someone just broke in, literally just smashed my window ..the guy had a f*****g machete, I can't call the police cause they pointed a gun at my head saying if I call's 5 o'clock in the morning , I don't know what the f**k to do. "
"But I can't stay here cause my window is f*****g smashed open...I 'm lucky as f**k, I almost died. "

On Reddit, a picture of his smashed window was also shared, to highlight the severity of the situation:

Image via Imgur
Image via Imgur

A detailed Reddit post explained exactly what happened, as Twitch streamer JayKirky's home was mistakenly broken into by intruders. They were apparently searching for someone else at his "dodgy apartment complex":

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Thankfully, JayKirky managed to emerge unscathed from the horrifying ordeal. However, he was visibly scarred and shaken, as he was still quite clearly still in shock.

Before ending his stream, he announced to his viewers on Twitch that he would now be looking to move to a safer place immediately, and he was simply thankful for being alive.

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