Streamer drama roundup: Pokimane discusses gambling streams, Sweet Anita opines on sexist viewers, and Dr Disrespect appears on Twitch

The article covers some of the most dramatic Twitch events from recent days.
The article covers some of the most dramatic Twitch events from recent days.
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Over the years, streamers and content creators have shown a routine tendency to engage in a barrage of dramatic incidents and gossip-worthy material. In the first-ever Sportskeeda "Streamer drama roundup" series, notable incidents from recent days have been reviewed.

In the past few days, multiple notable Twitch streamers have spoken about some major issues:

Imane “Pokimane” Anys recently explained why she would never engage in gambling streams. The streamer admitted to losing several profit-making and sponsorship opportunities due to her stance.

Sweet Anita went on a rant against some of her viewers on Twitch. She accused part of her community of “selling her body" without her consent and said she is considering quitting streaming.

Finally, Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV ended up appearing on a Twitch stream despite being permanently banned from the platform. The mysterious ban aside, Doc appeared in an ad for Mountain Dew Game Fuel in a recent Twitch stream on the channel BoomTV.


Pokimane explains why she will never host 'gambling streams' on Twitch

During a recent 'Just chatting' stream, Pokimane explained in detail why she would never host gambling streams. She said,

“I have a really hard time telling other people what to do like whether to gamble on stream or do this or do that. I personally had such a guilty conscience that from the get-go, when I started streaming I just “X”d out the categories of gambling, of alcohol/drinking, drugs obviously, anything of the sort, and to be honest I have missed out on a lot of money and a lot of sponsorships because of that. "

The popular Twitch star went on to say that,

"But I sleep easy at night, knowing that it’s not because of my streams that anybody got themselves into perhaps an unfortunate situation. Not to say it is the fault or responsibility of any streamer, I think it’s really the kind of thing to decide for yourself."


As seen in the clip above, the streamer does not want her viewers to get involved in gambling after watching her streams. She clarified that viewers' actions off-stream cannot always be tied to what the content creators are doing on screen.

However, Pokimane said that she is “able to sleep better at night,” knowing that none of her streams will ever potentially push her viewers towards gambling, alcohol, or drugs.

Dr Disrespect appears on Twitch accidentally, leaves viewers confused

Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch on 26th June 2020. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the situation today, given that he was banned for no specific reason officially. However, the popular streamer was recently featured on a BoomTV Twitch stream.

The Doc was part of an advertisement for Mountain Dew Game Fuel that was streamed on BoomTV during a recent live stream. A spokesperson for the Twitch channel confirmed that it was an honest mistake, and no action has been taken against BoomTV yet. The representative for BoomTV said,

“It was an honest mistake. We proactively reached out to Twitch to inform them about the mistake”.

Dr Disrespect currently streams on YouTube, where he has garnered over 3.32 million subscribers so far.

Sweet Anita goes on a rant against Twitch viewers who “sell her body” without her consent

Twitch streamer Sweet Anita recently went on a rant against part of her community. The streamer said that she feels pressure to “sexualize” her streams, and people tend to “force” such content from her without her consent.

The streamer said,

“I don’t feel good. I don’t feel any sexual feeling when people observe me that way. It’s not something I reciprocate. If I did reciprocate it, I would do it, but I don’t want to. No matter how much I express it people are always pressuring me to produce it.”

Sweet Anita revealed that she turns off the clips for some of her streams as she knows people are always on the lookout for mildly “suggestive” content. However, the streamer said that, even in that case, some viewers tend to download her VODs and screenshot them for “sexual content.”

She elaborated by saying,

“Having watched it all the way through, seeing that I am scared of that happening and seeing that I have spoken about how I don’t want it to happen, they still sell my body without my consent. And honestly it upsets me but it makes me just not want to be here anymore, because if I am putting my heart and soul and time into doing this."

She concluded by saying that,

"If I am having 36-hour workdays sometimes just to be able to stream, and then I put in all this work for trying to contribute and make people happy and laugh and engage people, and all they’re doing is f***ing w***ing. I don’t know why I am here anymore.”

For more context about the matter, read this article.

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