The truth behind Dr Disrespect's ban is finally coming to light

(Image Credit: Dr Disrespect/YouTube)
(Image Credit: Dr Disrespect/YouTube)

Dr Disrespect getting banned from Twitch is no secret at this point. This story began back on June 26, 2020, when Dr Disrespect was permanently removed from the Twitch streaming platform. Generally, when a ban happens, especially a permanent ban on such a high profile streamer, the facts are out in the open.

The community usually finds out soon as to why the ban occurred. That wasn't the case for Dr Disrespect. To this day, there has been no official public release on why Dr Disrespect was banned.

The Doc would go on to tell viewers that it's an ongoing legal battle on account of which details couldn't be revealed, which left everyone in the dark, with good reason. However, recent revelations seem to be shedding light on the case, as viewers continue to decipher the possible truth behind what happened to Dr Disrespect.

The truth behind Dr Disrespect's ban is finally unfolding

(Image Credit: The Loadout)
(Image Credit: The Loadout)

In early September, more controversy began when Dr Disrespect and Nadeshot crossed paths in the Vikkstar Warzone tournament.

Not because these two have any problems, but because Nadeshot was streaming on Twitch and in turn Dr Disrespect appeared on Nadeshot's stream. Two other streamers around that time to stream with Dr Disrespect were Crimsix and Snoop Dogg.

The rules of Twitch were technically broken in this case, but like a majority of this situation, things were complicated. Firstly, Nadeshot and Crimsix were forced to play with Dr Disrespect through the tournament, though they could have muted him. Secondly, keeping in mind the grey area surrounding Dr Disrespect's mysterious Twitch ban, it means that no one is sure just how serious the ban is.

Regardless, Twitch eventually took notice and they changed the community guidelines to fit situations like this.

Dr Disrespect would now be separated from the community even further. Dr Disrespect knew that before, but it was now set in stone. It's clear that the situation has become more frustrating, and Doc might've revealed the real reason as to why he was banned.

In a stream clip from Dr Disrespect on YouTube, the gamer addressed a donation by a certain Rich Miller, who happens to be a Master Chief in the Navy. Using his example, Dr Disrespect went on to hint at something more than what meets the eye:

"Master Chief Navy here says Rich Miller. Hey Rich! Imagine the Navy going in there and getting rid of you, huh. Just out of no where. And then bringing in 3 new cadets. Because you know what, they said man, even though he's going to turn Master Chief, that's a big huge salary. Imagine that Rich. But thankfully that doesn't happen to you."

What Dr Disrespect seemed to be implying from the quote above is the fact that in a desperate attempt to save face and restore popularity to their platform, Twitch signed 'three cadets' (a reference to Ninja, Shroud and a mysterious third cadet) , to plug the gap left by Dr Disrespect.

He also went on to claim that this wasn't Twitch silencing him, but rather he had to be quiet in his best interest for the ongoing legal battle.

With Dr Disrespect gradually becoming more vocal about his Twitch ban on stream, fans can hope for some definitive answers soon.

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