Lee Won-geun on playing a serial killer in the thriller A Superior Day

Lee Won-geun is playing a deranged serial killer in A Superior Day (Image via Instagram/OCN)
Lee Won-geun is playing a deranged serial killer in A Superior Day (Image via Instagram/OCN)

After his critically acclaimed role in SBS TV’s One The Woman, Lee Won-geun has opted for a completely different character for his next small-screen appearance. He will soon be seen playing the character of a deranged serial killer in OCN’s A Superior Day.

The drama will see the actor as a double-faced man who pretends to be nice to mask his true nature. As he will be playing Kwon Si-woo, who switches between his two personalities on a whim, he took special care to differentiate and co-relate the two sides of the character.

Lee Won-geun wanted to make his character perfect

In a chat with Xports News (translated via Soompi), the Moon Embracing the Sun star talked about his upcoming drama. He started off by sharing what an honor it was to work with the team of A Superior Day. “We started filming in the cold winter, but I’m always grateful that everyone created a warm set with one heart,” he added.

As for playing Kwon Si-woo, the actor worked hard to ensure that he could strike a balance between the aspects of his character’s double life. While Si-woo has a “pure and kind appearance” to fool people, Lee Won-geun “researched [a way to] to exude cool vibes” to add a trace of his deadly reality to his fake personality.

“No matter what situation [my character was in] or person [my character] faced, I acted with the single message of 'I’m more superior.' Since he is a person who kills without guilt to gain superiority, I thought he wanted to be a bit vile rather than just frightening, so I practiced even the most minor actions and facial expressions.”

Even though it is the first time that he is playing the role of a villain on-screen, he was not nervous and instead treated his character as “homework and a goal” he had to achieve.

“While referring to the psychopath character and looking in the mirror, I thought a lot about how to create his smile. Through Kwon Si Woo, I’ll do my best to make my smile feel creepy.”

A Superior Day, based on a popular webtoon of the same name, will see Jin-goo’s Lee Ho-chul, a firefighter, hunting down Kwon Si-woo as it is the only way he can save his daughter who has been kidnapped.

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