"Like father, like son": Fans lavish praise as BTS Jimin's dad is revealed to have donated ₩ 75.95 million won in Busan for 3 years

“Like father, like son”: Fans lavish praise as BTS
“Like father, like son”: Fans lavish praise as BTS Jimin's dad is revealed to have donated ₩ 75.95 million won in Busan for 3 years (Images via Twitter/@btschartsdailys and @Beyond_fanbase)

SBS News revealed that BTS Jimin's dad, Park Hyun-soo, has been secretly making donations to low-income families in Busan for the past three years. The idol's father, as revealed by SBS, South Korea's private news broadcaster, on September 3, 2023, had donated ₩ 75.95 million Won (approximately 57,650 USD) worth of food to low-income households since September 2020.

From September 2020 to the present, Jimin’s father has donated around 5,250 boxes of ramen and 100 boxes of tuna gift sets to underprivileged households in Busan under the alias "Ramen Fairy." The summation of the entire donation made so far accounts for a staggering ₩ 75.95 million Korean Won as per the SBS News report.

Netizens take to social media to praise Jimin's father for his heartwarming act

Furthermore, as per the Nam District office in Busan, the idol's father visited them on August 25, 2023, and donated ₩ 5 million Korean Won (3,800 USD) worth of ramen boxes in the name of his son, Jimin. An official from the district office confirmed that the BTS member's father had asked them to use the supplies to help the low-income households for whom food is scarce.

"He personally loaded the ramen boxes onto the truck and left it at the district office." (As quoted by the district official on SBS News.)

Fans headed to social media to hail Jimin's father for his act of service to his community. Here's how they showed their appreciation:

The BTS member's father runs a cafe, Magnate, in Nam-gu, Busan, and is known to have helped fund grocery stores eight times in the region. The BTS member is often praised for his kindness, and fans believe he takes after his father. In August 2023, the idol himself made a donation of an additional ₩ 5 million Korean Won to Hometown Love Donation, in Nam-gu, Busan.

Other donations made by the BTS member

During the earthquake catastrophe that shook Syria and Turkey in February 2023, the BTS member made a donation of ₩ 100 million Korean Won, which is a whopping 78,000 USD, to UNICEF Korea, to help the children of the two countries as reported by The Economic Times.

As stated on the official page of Rotary International and reported by Soompi, the Korean soloist and BTS member, Jimin, had also made a donation of ₩ 100 million Korean Won to Rotary International in 2021 for polio eradication under his father's name, Park Hyun-soo. Previously, he has also made donations to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation.

Furthermore, the BTS star, who is endearingly called "The Charity Angel" by his fans and netizens, made a donation of 1,200 desks and chairs for the students of Busan High School of Arts, at his alma mater, in February 2021. Another secret donation of 85,000 USD was made in July 2021 to the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education, in South Jeolla Province of South Korea by his father.

The BTS star and his family prefer to stay low profile and anonymous when it comes to charity and are held in high regard by both the BTS ARMYs and netizens for their heart-warming acts of service.

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