Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter season 2 to be an all-male version called Street Man Fighter

Street Woman Fighter main poster feat. MC Kang Daniel (Image via Twitter/@MnetKR)
Street Woman Fighter main poster feat. MC Kang Daniel (Image via Twitter/@MnetKR)

Riding on the incredible success of Street Woman Fighter, Mnet has announced that it will launch a male version titled Street Man Fighter soon. In a press conference on October 29, the show’s production director revealed that they’re discussing the show’s next season, which will most likely be a male version.

Street Woman Fighter is Mnet’s first-ever all-female dance crew survival show. Eight dance crews from various parts of Korea battle against each other to earn the crown of Korea's best female dance crew. The survival show saw immense popularity as soon as it aired in August.

Street Woman Fighter’s popularity makes Mnet launch Street Man Fighter

Network channel Mnet has dabbled in multiple genres of survival shows - raps (Show Me The Money), idol group audition shows (Produce series, Sixteen), singing (Superstar K) and dance (Hit the Sage, Dancing 9). However, Street Woman Fighter was Mnet’s first all-female dance crew survival program and it gained massive recognition worldwide.

During a recent press conference for Street Woman Fighter, the producers Choi Jung Nam and Kwon Young Chan shared their thoughts on its sequel.

Choi Jung Nam mentioned things are still being discussed and nothing is confirmed, but they’re considering giving the limelight to male dance crews in season 2.

“We are considering showcasing male dancers' dances, dramas, and stories. We are contemplating what aspects should be carried on to the next season."

While Street Man Fighter might be a good idea to give the show a refreshing touch, it will remain to be seen how the two groups are treated. Fans of the Street Woman Fighter slammed Mnet for not including a cash prize for the winners but only giving them a trophy. The company then offered 50 million KRW as a monetary prize.

Meanwhile, producers also discussed taking the show to a whole new level by creating a spin-off dance audition program. Tentatively called Streetdance Girls Fighter, Kwon Young Chan commented,

“We wanted to continue putting the dance scene in the limelight. I believe you'll be fascinated by the new side of 8 crews' leaders as both judges and teenage contestants grow along with the show.”

The producer even added that Street Woman Fighter has become a blueprint for other broadcasting shows. With the show's immense success, he believes it was “a welcoming phenomenon” putting dance in the spotlight and looks to create more dance-related programs in the future.

Edited by Danyal Arabi