Rookie K-pop girl group NewJeans to star in new reality TV show next month

NewJeans K-pop
K-pop girl group, NewJeans (Image via ADOR)

The newly launched K-pop girl group NewJeans is all set to star in their first TV reality show, NewJeans Code In Busan. The five-member group, who made their debut under ADOR, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels, on August 1, 2022 (official debut), are breaking new music records every other day. The reality TV show's content will surely brighten their fans more.

The show will feature all five members, Minji, Hanni, Hyein, Danielle, and Haerin, and is slated to release on October 16, 2022, on SBS. As per reports, the girls will be seen traveling around Busan and using QR codes to secure local information. This will further help during the 2030 Busan World Expo.

[INFO] 220916 — SBS launches New Jeans first reality show 'New Jeans Code in Busan'!Meanwhile, 'New Jeans Code in Busan' will be aired on SBS every Sunday, starting with the first broadcast on October 16th!🔗:…#NewJeans #뉴진스

Through NewJeans' upcoming travel show, fans will also be able to explore Busan's hotspot areas and landmarks. Marking as their first ever TV reality show as a K-pop girl group, fans are also expecting to meet the casual side of the girls.

ADOR's girl group NewJeans to be a part of SBS' TV reality show set to premiere on October 16

NewJeans will be getting their own travel variety show ‘NewJeans Code in Busan’ airing on SBS starting October 16Source:…

NewJeans, who will soon make their TV debut as a K-pop group, is ready to showcase a different side of their lives in the new SBS travel reality show. Besides them cruising around the southeastern port city, fans will also get a chance to catch a glimpse of their lives as they stay together for a few days.

The K-pop group made their debut in August 2022, and their popularity has skyrocketed ever since. The quintet stepped into the industry with their first EP, New Jeans, which sold over 311,270 copies in the first week. They have already broken multiple records as a debut K-pop group. On top of that, their songs, including Attention, Hype Boy, and Cookie, are creating impressive records on Billboard and Spotify.

NewJeans are INSANE

HYBE and ADOR's rookie girl group has also unlocked another achievement by garnering more than 9 million monthly listeners on Spotify in less than two months of their debut.

Apart from the upcoming TV reality show, the group is also rumored to be making its comeback soon. During a live stream, Minji unitentionally spilled details on their upcoming project. And fans believe that the girl group is prepping for their comeback at the moment. However, no official statement from the agency has been shared yet.

minji comeback spoiler!🐻:our next comeback will be more… cooler!👤:is the concept already decided?🐻:that’s a secret!👤:is there any concept you want to try in the future?🐻:smthg that follows the seasons👤:seasons?🐻:like christmas👤:is this a spoiler?🐻:mm idk?

Undoubtedly, the Cookie singers are rocketing in popularity, and fans are assured that they will ace their partaking in SBS' NewJeans Code in Busan as well.

Many rookie K-pop groups feature in various reality-variety shows to showcase their goofy and personal side with their building fandom. Some of the most popular examples being BTS' American Hustle Life, SEVENTEEN's One Fine Day, and more. Hopefully, NewJeans' participation in the show will also establish their fame as a rising girl group.

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