Nikki Phillippi returns to YouTube after tragic pet dog incident, and fans are livid

Nikki Phillippi and her husband Dan Phillippi put down their dog in May, leading to severe backlash (Image via Nikki Phillipi/Instagram)
Nikki Phillippi and her husband Dan Phillippi put down their dog in May, leading to severe backlash (Image via Nikki Phillipi/Instagram)

YouTuber Nikki Phillippi, best known for her family's lifestyle and religious YouTube content, announced her return to the platform after a hiatus following her dog incident.

For context, Nikki and her husband Dan revealed in a May YouTube video that they euthanized their family dog, Bowser, who displayed signs of aggression towards their son. Their decision to put the dog down was met with severe criticism from the online community, with many stating that the family could have re-homed the dog.

In a clip from her eighteen-minute video, Nikki Phillippi called others' judgment of their decision "inaccurate and jarring." She also stated that her "friends" watching the video would understand.

"I have gotten so many messages from those of you that believe us, support us, love us, don't want to burn us at the stake, I haven't even been able to read them all. So even though everyone saw on public display that a lot of people are very upset with us, did not agree with us, and then decide to tear into our 'character' online and twist a bunch of other things, even though that is a reality and has been crazy."

Nikki Phillippi's tentative comeback

The popular influencer uploaded the eighteen-minute video to YouTube on July 14th, and it has accumulated over 83K views. However, her comments were turned off for the video, and Phillippi also disabled the like to dislike ratio.

On her Instagram account, many of Nikki Phillippi's posts have comments turned off. Her most recent post, announcing her comeback to YouTube, had limited comments, many of which were positive for her return.

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That has not stopped the online community from commenting on her recent video. Many Twitter users shared the overall negativity of Nikki Phillipi's video. Most pointed out her mentioning the loss of sponsorships following her video about her dog.

Some users on Twitter stated that the family had more options than to euthanize the dog.

One user commented:

"Friendly reminder she put her dog down for no reason."

Another user shared a petition for Nikki Phillippi's video to be demonetized. The petition has over 98K signatures at the time of writing.

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Nikki and her husband Dan have made no further comments on her tentative comeback to YouTube. Between her video in May and her most recent video, Nikki Phillippi has lost a total of thirty thousand subscribers on YouTube.

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