“No one is safe”: University of Idaho murder victim Kaylee Goncalves’ sister urges students to go back home 

Four Students from Idaho University were found dead on November 13 (Image Via Jamielyn/Twitter)
Four Students from Idaho University were found dead on November 13 (Image Via Jamielyn/Twitter)

The sister of Kaylee Goncalves, one of the four slain University of Idaho students, has urged students to leave the campus before they meet a similar fate.

In an Instagram post, Kaylee Goncalves’ sister Autumn, pleaded with students to get out of the college town as police co-signed her concerns, saying there was a potential threat to the school community. She said in her post:

“If you have friends, family or loved ones in Moscow, our family encourages you to get them home. The police say “isolated, targeted attack” but it is isolated until it isn’t. No one is in custody therefore no one is safe.”

On Sunday, November 13, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, was found murdered along with fellow students Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Xana Kernodle, 20, at a house outside the campus in Moscow.

Shortly after, police, who described the scene as an isolated incident, said that the community was not in imminent danger. However, they have since reconsidered their earlier assertions.

Moscow Police continue to investigate the brutal murder of Kaylee Goncalves and her roommates

Moscow Police are still investigating the brutal murder of four University of Idaho students who were killed at their off-campus home between 3 am and 4 am earlier this week. Police said that hours before the murder, the victims were seen ordering food from a food truck.

As per Inside Edition, the victims were living in a six-bedroom, three-bathroom house with two other roommates when they were stabbed by an unknown assailant. The two roommates, who were home at the time of the attack, were not harmed during the incident. Police have ruled out roommates as suspects in the case.

According to the outlet, police have yet to uncover a motive or the murder weapon used in the attack. Meanwhile, Kaylee Goncalves’ sister told Inside Edition that her sister called a man named Jack seven times just before she was murdered.

"At 2:26 am, Kaylee starts to call Jack. Kaylee calls Jack six times between 2:26 am and 2:44 am. From 2:44 to 2:52 Maddie calls Jack three times, then Kaylee makes a final call to him at 2:52 am."

Kaylee Goncalves’ sister warns the assailant is still out there

While Moscow Police have yet to make any arrests in the case, Police Chief James Fry warned citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity in the community. The warning was reiterated by Kaylee Goncalves’ sister Autumn, who said:

“Whoever did this to my sisters, (Maddie & Kaylee) Xana and Ethan, is still out there, and if he is sick enough to murder FOUR sweet, innocent humans so brutally.”

She added:

“One person against four. This person is dangerous and he is not in custody!!!”

Moscow Police, while reaffirming that this was an isolated incident, still cautioned the citizens to remain safe. They have also urged citizens with any information on the assailant to call authorities.

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