'Our Beloved Summer': Release date, plot, cast, teaser, and everything about the new SBS K-drama

A promo still of Our Beloved Summer and a still of Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Sik (Image via dntlrdl/Instagram)
A promo still of Our Beloved Summer and a still of Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Sik (Image via dntlrdl/Instagram)

The Korean broadcasting service SBS released a teaser of their much-anticipated show Our Beloved Summer on November 9. The show has a brilliant cast and has been on the must-watch list of K-drama fans across the globe.

Release date of 'Our Beloved Summer'

Our Beloved Summer is scheduled to premiere on SBS on December 6. Weekly episodes will air at 10:00 pm KST. The Monday and Tuesday slot was earlier filled by popular K-drama Lovers of the Red Sky.

Where to stream?

The official streaming partner for Our Beloved Summer has yet to be revealed. However, fans can expect an update closer to the release date. It must be noted that Lovers of the Red Sky, the show that occupied the same schedule, was available on Viki. The new show will likely be on the platform as well.


Choi Woo Sik as Choi Woong

Choi Woo Sik has worked in a range of films and movies. Some of his most famous works include Oscar-winning Parasite and K-dramas such as Fight My Way. In Our Beloved Summer, he will play the role of Choi Woong.

Kim Da Mi as Kook Yeon-Soo

Kim Da Mi stole the hearts of K-drama and movie fans with her breakout performance in the JTBC show called Itaewon Class. She will play the female lead in Our Beloved Summer.

Kim Sung Cheol as Kim Ji Woong

Kim Sung Cheol is well-known for his performance in the most recent show Vincenzo. Although the role is a cameo, he did an excellent job opposite Song Jong Ki. His other notable shows include Sweet Home and Do You Like Brahms?

Roh Jeong Eui as NJ

Roh Jeong Eui is a child artist who was put under the spotlight for her performance in the show 18 Again. She appeared in shows such as Witch At Court and Pinocchio, among others, as a child actor.

The plot of 'Our Beloved Summer'

It's a romantic comedy that portrays a couple's complicated feelings that break up by confessing to each other their disdain for the relationship. But a documentary they collectively filmed in high school 10 years ago suddenly started getting traction. The duo is forcibly brought together in front of the camera once more.

Choi Woong appears to be an immature free spirit, but he is sincere in expressing emotions. When he finally finds something he wants, he chases it with full enthusiasm.

Gook Yeon Soo's greatest life goal was to be the best student during her school days. Now, she’s trying to become a mature adult, living life fiercely and adjusting to reality with a wounded heart.

Kim Ji Woong is a documentary director who lives his life as an observer of the human spirit. He is a lonely figure who likes to see the world through an imaginary lens of a documentary director. He has maintained an omniscient perspective for most of his life. But life will force change when he engages in a documentary about Choi Woong and Gook Yeon Soo.

Top idol NJ is a celebrity with excellent skills. After reaching the heights of stardom, she realizes that her fame is fading into irrelevancy. She then prepares to live life like an average citizen. She becomes interested in Choi Woong’s works and naturally grows curious about him.

The show will follow the journey of these four characters.


The teaser for Our Beloved Summer featured Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Sik. It showed two time periods. One was from high school, while the other was a decade later.

The teaser of Our Beloved Summer set the stage for the show, giving viewers a glimpse into the chemistry between the two leads. Choi Woon and Gook Yeon Soo are individuals on opposite ends of the personality spectrum. They parted ways because they were incapable of bridging their differences. Years later, fate brings them together in Our Beloved Summer.

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