Park Eun-bin reveals she rejected Extraordinary Attorney Woo's offer multiple times

Park Eun-bin opened up about getting her role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo in an interview (Image via IMdb)
Park Eun-bin opened up about getting her role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo in an interview (Image via IMdb)
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Park Eun-bin, currently sweeping fans with her acting in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, shared that she refused the offer multiple times before taking up the role. In an interview with Allure Korea on June 24, the 29-year-old actress discussed how she received the offer and what led her to accept the role.

Park Eun-bin began by sharing that she received the scripts for Extraordinary Attorney Woo and the 2021 hit series The King’s Affection at the same time. She mentioned that she was not confident in pulling off the role of an autistic person.

“It (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) was a work that was proposed around the same time as The King’s Affection. I thought it was good work, but it was also work that I was not confident about doing well.”

However, she gathered the courage to take on the role after seeing the writers and directors placing their utmost trust in her.

Park Eun-bin of Extraordinary Attorney Woo fame shares stories of getting the role and The King’s Affection with Allure Korea

Park Eun-bin debuted in the entertainment industry as a child actress. She came into the limelight with the 2016 youth drama Hello, My Twenties! but tasted mainstream success when her historical-romance drama The King’s Affection released last year.

The actress is now continuing her successful streak with another hit drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In a recent interview with Allure Korea, she opened up about her initial inhibitions regarding the role.

She admitted that she took care to play the role of an autistic person accurately so as not to hurt or offend anyone. She even ended up refusing the offer multiple times, but the writer and directors of the show believed in her. While it was a bit unheard of, the team waited for the actress to get on board, which took her several months.

“I was a little scared when I thought about whether I could do it well without hurting anyone and without bothering anyone. So, I refused many times, but they waited for me. The writer and director believed in me, so I mustered up the courage to repay their trust and took up the role.”

Park Eun-bin was confirmed to act in Extraordinary Attorney Woo in October last year, a month before she wrapped up filming for The King’s Affection. While it is unclear when production for the periodical drama began, it was halted for some time in June after a production staff member tested positive.

Talking about The King’s Affection, she mentioned that she counted herself lucky because, even after a slew of periodical releases, she was probably the only woman who had the opportunity to essay the role of a Joseon Dynasty King.

“The King’s Affection’ gave me a role that I could never have even dreamed about having, and it allowed me to do everything I wanted to. It was really tough, but what other woman around my age would have the chance to take on the role of a Joseon Dynasty King?”

After watching the 29-year-old pull off the role of King and a lover flawlessly, she currently greets fans in Extraordinary Attorney Woo as a genius lawyer.

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