PewDiePie and Dream fans clash online after former allegedly appears to use the Minecraft star for "clout" 

Image via Instagram/pewdiepie and Twitter/dreamwastaken
Image via Instagram/pewdiepie and Twitter/dreamwastaken

PewDiePie mentioned Dream's cheating speedrun controversy in a recent YouTube video. Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber best known for his skilled speedruns and manhunt series.

In December 2020, Dream was stripped of his title on the Minecraft Speedrun Leaderboard following an official's conclusion that he was cheating. After a thorough analysis from all parties, Dream realized part of his fault in the situation.

PewDiePie mentioned in the clip of his YouTube video:

"It became a whole schpeel between Dream and the internet and his fans, defending him and people attacking him, and I don't want to drag it all up again, but I did find it interesting how after so long Dream admitted to cheating and that the effect was that he had a mod that was giving him more favorable drop rates in the game...It was definitely one of the biggest cheating things, probably."

While PewDiePie talked about Dream in his recent video titled "Top 10 Streamers Caught Cheating," many Dream fans called out PewDiePie for using the former's name for "clout."

PewDiePie is among the top five YouTubers with over 100 million subscribers. His fans also returned to this fact stating that he didn't need "clout."

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Fans come to both Dream and PewDiePie's defense

Many fans from both sides came to both Dream and PewDiePie's defense. Dream's fans were concerned about PewDiePie using Dream's name to remain relevant, while PewDiePie fans held to the fact that the YouTuber was one of the most prominent.

Dream acknowledged his icon being used by PewDiePie as "clickbait" in a tweet before stating he had "no hard feelings to pewds":

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While many fans of both sides began their arguments of who was right, other netizens began to share the neutrality of the situation through memes:

At the time of the article, PewDiePie's name was trending on Twitter's explore page, reaching over 500 tweets on the topic of him using Dream's picture in his thumbnail.

Neither PewDiePie nor Dream have commented further on the situation.

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