Who was Odalis Santos? All about the bodybuilder and Instagram Influencer who died after undergoing a controversial medical procedure 

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Mexican influencer Odalis Santos Mena died this Tuesday at the age of 23 following a botched medical procedure to treat underarm sweating. The procedure was done at the Skinpiel clinic located in the city of Guadalajara.

The social media influencer, also known popularly as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian,” had shared on her Instagram that she would undergo a treatment called "Mira Dy," which promises to remove sweat glands, body odor and underarm hair.

Odalis Santos underwent the procedure following a paid partnership with the clinic. The influencer promoted the treatment to her 146k Instagram followers, assuring that the procedure was simple and safe.

Unfortunately, Odalis Santos suffered a heart attack shortly after. Mexican law enforcement will be investigating the incident.

Who was Odalis Santos Mena?

The Jalisco native became popular after participating in physique constructivism competitions. Odalis Santos was crowned Miss Wellness Champion and Miss Hercules 2019 as well. The fitness influencer has also won awards in bikini wellness competitions.

The fitness freak had shared her progress in training on her social media platforms after becoming popular for her physique. She had actively promoted athletic wear, makeup brands and different treatments as well.

At the time of her death, Odalis Santos was studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition at the University Center of the South Coast, University of Guadalajara.

The influencer was rumored to be dating her personal trainer Victor Gomez Carreno. He took to Instagram to express his grief saying,

“Your actions in life, echo in eternity. I will take you with me forever short, it makes no sense to write here what I feel in my heart @odalis_sm, I love you.”

What happened during the medical procedure?

The medical procedure was supposed to be simple and not to pose any risk. It also did not have any dangerous after effects, and it only included numbness, bruising, swelling and sensitivity in areas treated, which is normal after any procedure using thermal energy.

Odalis Santos’ life was put at risk when she was undertaking mandatory anesthesia. According to her family, the doctor monitoring the anesthesia was not an anesthesiologist. Following this, the influencer went through a cardiac arrest.

Skinpiel Clinic released a statement saying,

“Odalis was not treated because when the anesthesia was applied, she had an immediate respiratory arrest. The doctor immediately proceeded to do everything medically possible. At the same time, she ordered her team to call an ambulance. Because it is a hospital area, as soon as the ambulance arrived, it was treated by paramedics.”

The clinic also stated that Odalis Santos was asked if she had consumed any substances prior to the treatment, to which she responded no. Her rumored boyfriend went on to reveal that she was under clenbuterol, creatine, and oxandrolone.

Skinpiel then concluded,

“Everything seems to indicate that the anesthesia was reacted by the substances present in Odalis’s body since steroids, anabolics, and clenbuterol alter the metabolism and affect the growth of the heart.”

Mexican Law Enforcement has not revealed any details yet and are waiting for the autopsy results to arrive.

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