"Pissed me off": Boys Planet contestant Zhang Shuai Bo's rude behavior towards fellow contestant Cha Woonggi sparks arguments among fans

Fans call out Boys Planet Zhang Shuai Bo for his rude behavior towards Woonggi (Image via Twitter/@ilovehaechannn)
Fans call out Boys Planet Zhang Shuai Bo for his rude behavior towards Woonggi (Image via Twitter/@ilovehaechannn)

In a recent episode of Mnet's survival show, Boys Planet, Zhang Shuai Bo found himself in hot water with netizens following his rude and uncalled-for behavior towards his teammate, Cha Woonggi. Fans' dislike for Zhang Shuai Bo stems from not one but two problematic clips that went viral on the internet, garnering over 3.5 million views.

The first clip showcased Zhang Shuai Bo's lack of seriousness and arrogant behavior with regard to his performance of TWICE's Feel Special alongside the other trainees. Instead of making genuine efforts to improve or do well in his performance, his alternative reaction to the same did not sit well with viewers of the show.

Another video clip showed him disparaging Cha Woonggi in front of three other Chinese trainees after the mentors pointed out how poorly the choreography, which Woonggi was in charge of, was performed.

the 2nd clip pissed me off so bad because woongki did everything just for him to say that…

Fans call out Boys Planet Zhang Shuai Bo's rude and unjust behavior towards his fellow teammate Cha Woonggi

During the latest episode of Boys Planet, what caught the attention of many fans was the conversation between the group of four trainees after their performance of TWICE's Feel Special. Given how difficult the song is to perform, they naturally struggled to execute it so flawlessly. This resulted in a few negative comments from their mentors, which discouraged and upset the trainees.

zhang shuai bo lose all my respect 🚩🚩🚩
Zhang Shuai Bo saying that abt woongi is kinda crazy given that he is literally carrying this group 😭😭😭
i can't defend him anymore…

While Zhang Shuai Bo already looked detached from the effort to roll out a good performance, his subsequent comments only further angered the fans of Boys Planet.

"If we really can't pull off the performance, the show's producers will help us. There's no way they'll just let the four of us stand there stupidly on stage."

Following the performance receiving many improvement points from the Boys Planet mentors, his conversations with the other two Chinese trainees in the group only fueled the fire. Because Cha Woonggi is Korean, he was naturally left out of the conversation; however, Zhang Shuai Bo was seen to blame the former for his lack of communication.

"I think it's pretty normal ( for recieving negative comments). When he was writing the choreography, he didn't even tell us what it was about. Neither did we agree to it. So, I think it's pretty normal for us to end up in this state."

However, this proved to be untrue as Boys Planet flashed a clip of Woonggi trying to explain to his fellow Chinese teammates the choreography to the best of his abilities.

"Firstly, this is the song's overall vibe. You're lonely and there's no one by your side. Then, as it approaches the chorus, you begin to have become more of a special existence."

Fans could clearly see the disinterest and lack of effort in Zhang Shuai Bo to execute his best skills and his discredit towards Woonggi were felt to be completely unfair. While there is still debate about the accuracy of the translations, many Chinese-speaking fans have accepted that Zhang Shuai Bo was, in fact, criticizing Woonggi.

@kongddakjeu what about the scene where shuaibo was pointing at woonggi’s bed with his leg?? that was disrespectful i think
@_is_mine_ i’m chinese he’s rly shading woonggi omfg

Though many wonder if this is yet another product of Mnet's evil editing, there is much verbal and direct evidence to prove that Zhang Shuai Bo did execute rude behavior towards Woonggi.

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