"I'm so excited if it happens," potential Pharrell x BTS Collab sends fans into a frenzy

BTS and Pharrell Williams
BTS with Pharrell at the 2018 BBMAs (Image via @BTS_twt/Twitter)

BTS might be collaborating with Pharrell, and the ARMYs have already started reacting on Twitter. According to the infamous gossip account, Deux Moi (@deuxmoiworld on Twitter), Jungkook, and RM might join Pharrell for a new track.

Although nothing has been confirmed as of now, the fans are positively looking forward to the project. BTS has been focusing more on solo projects since the start of its second chapter, and they are also involved in releasing music with other artists.

Since then, Jungkook has featured on Charlie Puth's track Left And Right, Suga partnered with PSY for That That, RM collaborated with Balming Tiger for Sexy Nukim, and most recently j-hope joined hands with Crush to drop Rush Hour.

Fans on RM's Instagram saw another hint teasing a possible collaboration when the Persona singer received his latest merch personally from Pharrell. Considering the septet's recent and frequent collaborations, a new track with Pharrell seems like a possibility.

RM and Jungkook of BTS rumored to be collaborating with Pharrell for a new track

🚨 𝐑𝐔𝐌𝐎𝐑According to an anonymous source posted by deuxmoi, there is a collab between RM, Jungkook and Pharrell to be released. Remembering that in june the producer answered to a mention asking for a collab.#RM #남준

Deux Moi, which has dropped the bomb of the latest BTS-related news on its Twitter account, claimed that Jungkook and RM from the septet will work with Pharrell on a new track.

The online account, also known as the pop culture curators, receives anonymous tips online and shares them on their page. They also claim that they do not confirm the rumours. This means that the recent news could be true or not.

Anyway, the ARMYs are excited. Back in June, Pharrell sneakily commented when asked about his collab with the K-pop hitmakers. The event also sparked suspicion, leading ARMYs to believe that the latest BTS x Pharrell collaboration could be on the way after all.

[221002] Ünlü sanatçı Pharrell Instagram'da @BTS_twt'in resmi hesabını takibe aldı, TikTok'ta "BTS ile iş birliği ne zaman?" diyen bir hayrana "👀" diye yanıt verdi ve #RM'e 'Adidas' marka bir hediye yolladı... Bir şeyler geliyor olabilir mi ARMY?cr. winnttaebear

Moving on, another BTS-related tip featured on Deux Moi that piqued the interest of ARMYs was that the group as a whole might collaborate with Lady Gaga soon. Again, the information has not been confirmed.

ARMYs wildly react to the rumor of BTS and Pharrel collaboration

@deuxmoiworld Pharrell, RM and Jk omg I'm not ready for this, from now on excited, but I'm not 100% excited last time you said that on Justin's album there would be a collaboration with jk and nothing came of it

Due to the popularity of the two artists, fans, mostly ARMYs, have gone into a frenzy after rumors of the two artists collaborating surfaced on Twitter.

@bluebeomhour A gossip site posted a rumor that Pharrell had a collab with RM & JK coming soon. And now Joon posted this in his IG story and I remember Pharrell commented „👀“ a while ago on a tiktok of them, so… the gossip site might be right with that rumor.
"RM, Jungkook and Pharrell sounds like Timberlake at his best" is a pretty unique way to out it coz Timberlake at his best was Mirrors…

They are pretty sure that it will be a success and cannot wait to hear the three voices together. One fan speculated that Jungkook, RM, and Pharrell would sound like Justin Timberlake at his best, hyping up their upcoming song.

The American musician and the Dynamite boy band made headlines in 2018 when they posed for a photo together at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Four years later, and we might get to see them perform together.

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