"RM3 is coming": BTS' RM teases solo album release on Instagram sending fans into frenzy

BTS member and leader Kim Nam-joon (Image via BigHit Music)

BTS' RM might be releasing a new solo album soon. The leader of the Dynamite group teased a solo album through Instagram stories, and fans believe that he is next in line to release his solo project.

The rapper posted an Instagram story to celebrate the fourth anniversary of his solo mixtape Mono. His next cryptic Instagram story had a screenshot of a zip folder with its name blurred out and captioned 'And Next?."

BTS members have been focusing on solo projects following the release of their anthology album Proof. It all started with J-hope, who released his first solo album, Jack in the Box, in July. Jin, the eldest of the group, will release his solo single The Astronaut on Friday, October 28, 2022, and RM seems to be the next one.

"RM3 is coming" takes over Twitter after Namjoon teases his next solo release

The Moonchild singer posted three Instagram stories, two out of which indicated that he might be prepping for his next solo album.

The third Insta story featured the contents of his next release, and that it would be a story about his tweens. Teasing about the same, he wrote, "gon be the total record of my 2019 - 2022 the twenties.”

Fans went wild after his hints and cannot wait for his next masterpiece. The Seoul singer is known for his wordplay in lyrics, storytelling, and novel concepts. So it will be exciting for the fans to see him documenting his tweens through music.

Apart from the fans, j-hope was also seen cheering on his fellow bandmate, with him also posting a story with the caption "And next?"

Twitter is filled with new theories surrounding RM3 and fans celebrating. One user wrote:


RM shared that the new album is going to be entirely different from Mono. Calling his upcoming project an 'archive,' he said that it is going to be a diary entry from 2019 to 2022.

On October 17, 2022, BTS announced that they will enlist in the military, starting with Jin, who will begin his military service soon. Other members will also gear up for their enlistment, however no particular date is announced for their enlistment.

According to BIGHIT MUSIC, the septet has made the decision to reconvene in 2025. Hence, all the members will complete their mandatory military service in the next two years.

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