SNL’s hilarious Squid Game skit ft. Rami Malek and Pete Davidson wins hearts online

Rami Malek and Pete Davidson in SNL's Squid Game skit (Image via Twitter/@TheAVClub)
Rami Malek and Pete Davidson in SNL's Squid Game skit (Image via Twitter/@TheAVClub)

With Netflix’s Squid Game still being talked about, with stuff selling out even a month after its release, there was obviously going to be an SNL skit on it. On October 16, Saturday Night Live played a Squid Game parody with hosts Rami Malek and Pete Davidson, bringing the two contrasting cultures together.

The spoof has been doing the rounds on social media and is receiving mixed reactions from everyone. The hosts pulled everything off flawlessly - the bunk beds, soda and boiled eggs, the red hair, the masked men - basically every single thing that makes Squid Game, Squid Game.

Rami Malek and Pete Davidson take part in a hilarious but catchy Squid Game of their own

SNL’s Squid Game has fans of both, the talk show and survival drama, in splits. The near-perfect portrayal of the games and the seamless blend of it with the current scenario, combined with feelings of Americans watching it; are some of the things that fans are in love with.

Watch SNL's Squid Game parody below:

On top of the show pinpointing the key details of the show, the lyrics set on 'Turn Up On the Weekend' music by Branchez & Big Wet make it all the better.

“Yes I’m broke and it’s a damn shame...guess I gotta play the Squid Game.”

Turn Up On the Weekend is a beloved song filled with many beautiful memories of the countryside. SNL’s skit opens with an ordinary country-side parody and soon transcends into the Squid Game world.

They connected the dots between the show and everyday things Americans are familiar with - Masked Men’s hierarchical symbols are now Playstation buttons; Front Man’s mask makes him look like Doctor Doom. Fans also know what side Malek and Davidson are on now, as they called the masked men “pink guards,” throwing the “It’s red, no, it’s pink” debate aside.

A parody isn’t a parody without making fun of controversies too. They sing about the incorrect subtitle fiasco, give away some major character plots and even perform it while playing Red Light, Green Light.

The entire parody can be summed up in their catchy line:

“That’s what happens in the Squid Game, people die in the Squid Game.”

The parody is catchy, fun, entertaining, points at all the major things and summarizes the entire show. Cherry-on-the-top being Davidson getting called the new Seong Gi Hun.

Saturday Night Light, just like other parodies, does justice to the current global phenomenon, Squid Game.

Meanwhile, the craze around Squid Game has made it Netflix’s biggest show in history.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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