Snowdrop controversy: SK Youth Org to file an injunction against K-drama for “glorifying state violence"

A still of 'Snowdrop' starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK's Jisoo (Image via IMDb)
A still of 'Snowdrop' starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK's Jisoo (Image via IMDb)

As time passes by, JTBC’s Snowdrop is getting itself into deeper trouble. On 20 December 2021, a South Korean youth organization, World’s Citizens (aka Universal Declaration of Citizenship), warned that it will file an injunction against the broadcast of Snowdrop on 22 December 2021 at Seoul Western District Court.

The political-historical drama stars BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae In in the lead. Despite big names being involved, it was criticized for its story before its release. Now, with two episodes out, the criticisms have only turned worse.

"I can't help but be amazed”: CEO of World’s Citizens youth organization about ‘Snowdrop’

Snowdrop has become the most talked-about K-drama since its premiere on 18 December 2021. After basing a character directly on prominent youth activist Young Cho and hundreds of petitions signed against it, JTBC assured citizens that the show would not distort history. Unfortunately, with two episodes down, the show has created an uproar in South Korea.

As petitions to cancel the drama take traction, a South Korean youth organization has come forward to announce that it will file an injunction against the JTBC drama on 22 December 2021.

World’s Citizens is a non-profit organization established in June 2020 to help support citizens in resisting government-sanctioned violence worldwide. Their works include supporting democratic protests in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar and Belarusian, to name a few.

Co-CEO Lee Seol Ah described that the drama was “an obvious insult” to the efforts and struggles of activists who fought dictatorship with their lives. Her thoughts were summed up in the following tweet.

The org continued, “The broadcasting of Snowdrop on major distribution platforms gives a mistaken view of history to generations who have not experienced it. It can also cause them to justify glorification of state violence in order to defend their celebrity.”

She further added,

“I strongly hope that the court will stop blasphemy against the victims by citing the application for an injunction, and send a message that state violence is unacceptable.”

The organization has decided to file an injunction to ban the drama’s broadcast on 22 December 2021 at Seoul Western District Court.

International fans who support 'Snowdrop' criticized

Some international BLINKs, including Jisoo’s solo stans, are defending Snowdrop in a few cases. Their insouciant attitude towards an important part of history has offended many South Korean citizens.

@tmikpop The drama will never stopp, so the only thing that you can do it's cry

Jisoo has come under the radar as citizens bash the idol for using her BLACKPINK status and influencing her vast 52.8 million Instagram followers to regard South Korea's history as nothing but fiction. This, in a way, distorts their perspective.

@tmikpop We really don’t care
@gatamchun Where is ur energy for actual movies or drama that profit of trauma’s of others like the civil war in escape mogadishu. You just pick and choose. snowdrop is literally fiction. This drama has been carefully thought out for ages, you just look dumb asf cause it wont get canceled😹
a little reminder about snowdrop
I can’t wait for some few people to know about the word “Fiction” 😭🤣🥱Google is free. Even the petition was denied by the government themselves. Y’all have to move on and accept that Snowdrop is really happening. Byeeee

Meanwhile, The Blue House petition to ban Snowdrop’s telecast has more than 297k signatures. Jisoo’s acting is criticized too, as many viewers claim her pronunciation was difficult to understand.

Me? I don’t rly care what you think. Watch the show. Make your own choices. Live your life baybee!I’m just trying to protect my parents from being retraumatized by accusations that they’re secretly commie spies.…

As the Snowdrop uproar continues to take over the internet, JTBC and the cast and crew of the drama have been silent.

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