BTS Kim Taehyung’s shirtless Instagram story has ARMYs screaming "What was the reason" on Twitter

BTS' V (Image via @thv/Instagram)
BTS' V (Image via @thv/Instagram)

On December 19, BTS’ V, aka Kim Taehyung, chose to wreak havoc among his fans by uploading a shirtless story showing off his chiseled collar bones and beard. Veteran ARMYs would know Taehyung to be one of the few members that have always wanted to show off their unshaved faces.

K-pop culture demands male idols to stay squeaky-clean with no trace of facial hair, which is also considered a way to keep their “innocent” personality intact. Since getting a personal Instagram account, BTS members have taken a courageous new turn, and ARMYs love it.

“Excuse me sir” trends on Twitter as BTS Kim Taehyung’s now-deleted shirtless Instagram story goes viral

BTS’ Kim Taehyung showed off his beard, mustache and collarbones in all their glory in his recent Instagram story. The idol soon deleted it, but with millions of fans taking note of his every little move, many of them downloaded the video, which continues to remain viral.

The reason behind Taehyung deleting the story remains unknown, but his conversation with his hyung (leader) RM, shows that he loved putting up the story. On HYBE’s fan platform app Weverse, RM tweeted about Street Dance Girls Fighter, the latest show that he's been watching, and added that it was super cool.

Taehyung commented on RM’s Weverse story, asking him to check out his Instagram feed as he “showed off” his beard. He even commented on a fan’s post asking him not to shave facial hair and saying that he has reached his goal for the quarantine.

The mere six-second shirtless clip has broken the ARMY fandom. It’s not the first time Taehyung has shown off his not-yet-full-grown mustache, but coupling it with his collarbones, hair, beard, and expressions has made the clip possibly the most powerful video on the internet for fans.

Before the shirtless clip, the Singularity singer uploaded a story of him cooking ramyeon. But there’s no comparison between noodles and the soon-to-be-26-year-old BTS member’s sensual story!

Even though Taehyung has since deleted the story, it is floating around on Twitter and in the minds of fans, who are, unsurprisingly, going wild over it. "What was the reason" and "Excuse me sir" continue to trend on Twitter while "Kim Taehyung" peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. and worldwide trends chart.

As BTS members unleash a new side before their 2022 comeback, it seems the break is going incredibly well for them.

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