Stray Kids bag 6th 'Thunderous' win and share a fun encore stage with BTOB

Stray Kids bag 6th win for 'Thunderous' (Image via Stray Kids Official Twitter)
Stray Kids bag 6th win for 'Thunderous' (Image via Stray Kids Official Twitter)

Stray Kids' powerful 'Thunderous' took home its sixth comeback show win. Being proud of the immense achievements and growth of the boys is an understatement for STAYs.

On September 9's M Countdown, Stray Kids' Thunderous went head-to-head with their senior BTOB's OUTSIDER. Both groups have brewed a special friendship, especially after their 'Mayfly' group performances. As Stray Kids took their sixth win on stage, BTOB also remained on stage and performed part of the encore together with their juniors.

Stray Kids and BTOB perform 'Thunderous' on encore stage

In the latest episode of M Countdown, the first-place nominations were held by BTOB's OUTSIDER and Stray Kids' Thunderous. Fans experienced bittersweet emotions as both groups share a loveable friendship - a friendship where a few Stray Kids' members hang out at BTOB members' houses and occasionally eat with them.

Stray Kids ended up bagging the trophy. Usually, only the group that wins No. 1 stays on stage and performs an encore of the song to thank fans. This time, however, BTOB stayed behind on stage, looking excited and praising their juniors for winning No. 1.

BTOB's Minhyuk, Peniel and Eunkwang did the 'STAY signal', leading to leaders Bang Chan, Han, Changbin, Hyunjin and I.N doing the same. BTOB members even danced to the chorus of Thunderous, surprising everyone with their flawless moves.

More than Stray Kids winning the trophy, fans are all over Twitter cherishing and loving the vivacious energy both the groups showed on stage.

Check out some cute interactions from the encore stage below:

On top of the lively and spirited stage they shared together, BTOB's Eunkwang unleashed his supportive big brother personality on Instagram. He shared a screenshot of them doing the STAY signal on stage, along with his selfies, on the platform.

BTOB's Minhyuk became 'Fansite Minhyuk' and shared a video of Stray Kids in their waiting room last Sunday on Inkigayo. The Kids spotted Minhyuk and got all excited, jumping around and running toward the camera.

Ever since they collaborated for performances on Mnet's Kingdom, Stray Kids and BTOB's interactions as the senior-junior group remain one of the cutest for fans.

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