Stray Kids' NOEASY becomes JYPE's first-ever million selling album

Stray Kids NOEASY concept photo (Image via Stray Kids official Twitter)
Stray Kids NOEASY concept photo (Image via Stray Kids official Twitter)

Stray Kids conquered JYP Entertainment as they became the first-ever artists to sell over a million copies with a single album under the agency. The eight-member group released their 2nd full album, NOEASY, on August 23, 2021.

According to Gaon charts, the group recorded a total of 1.1 million album sales on August 31 KST. This is a huge achievement for a 4th gen group that debuted only three years ago. NOEASY is also the group's first million-seller album!

Stray Kids become a million-seller artist with NOEASY

Stray Kids is a three-year-old group which has now won the coveted label of being a million seller. Hanteo Chart recorded 930,000 stock pre-order sales and 641,589 copies in the first week after NOEASY was released. Since its release, the album's title track, 'Thunderous,' trended No. 1 on the iTunes Top Song in 52 regions!

The group even accumulated 3.5 million sales and entered Gaon's Top 10 best-selling group list. The music video of 'Thunderous' had over 52 million views on YouTube at the time of writing this article. The group now joins their seniors BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, NCT and SEVENTEEN for having a million-seller album.

Not only that, Stray Kids is also the only 4th generation K-pop group to achieve this incredible feat. NOEASY is their 2nd full album featuring 14 tracks, of which some of the songmaking videos were released before.

The group's taglines, 'Stray Kids World Domination' and 'Stray Kids Everywhere All Around The World,' hold even more true now after they've achieved this massive milestone.

STAYs celebrate NOEASY's one million sales

With this great achievement, there was no way fans would let it go without celebrating it.

What makes STAYs beam with pride is that the entire NOEASY album is written by at least one member of the group. The same goes for producing all the songs, excluding just one. 'NOEASY' is also a play on the word 'noisy,' which anti-fans have been using to diss the group's music.

The album's tracklist is filled with 3RACHA's names in every single song. 3RACHA is the rapper unit of Stray Kids consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin and Han.

Take a look at how STAYs celebrated this incredible news:

Congratulations, Stray Kids!

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