"SUGAxValentinoCouture" goes viral after BTS SUGA's stunning presence at the 2023 Paris Fashion Week

BTS SUGA at the Valentino Haute Couture Event (Image via Twiitter/@MINSUGAHQ)
BTS SUGA at the Valentino Haute Couture Event (Image via Twiitter/@MINSUGAHQ)

On January 25, 2023, BTS SUGA attended the 2023 Paris Fashion Week as a global ambassador for Valentino's DiVas Campaign.

This marked his first appearance at Paris Fashion Week and the idol won the spotlight at the show. SUGA was dressed in an elegant all-beige outfit from Valentino's clothing line, with which he walked the red carpet in style. His appearance at the event became the talk of the town online, and fans began trending "SUGAxValentinoCouture" on Twitter.

BTS SUGA was also photographed with Charli XCX and Sam Smith. During the runway, the three were seated next to one another, which naturally excited fans.

#SUGA with sam smith and charli xcx!!#SUGAxValentinoCouture#SUGAValentinoDiVas HAUTE COUTURE WITH SUGA

Though fans and individuals not attending the event were not allowed to crowd near the venue, many ARMYs gathered on a bridge that faced the location to watch SUGA attend the show. Given that it was his first appearance for the brand post the announcement of his role as Valentino's global ambassador, fans were sure to shower him with their support.

Fans swoon over BTS SUGA's classy look at Paris Fashion Week 2023

Following BTS SUGA's mesmerizing look at Valentino's Haute Couture show, fans couldn't hold back their excitement about how good the artist looked. From his time on the red carpet until his departure, the idol continued to be the star of the show, making heads turn with his simple yet stunning outfit.

all the people that showed up for him omg 😳#SUGAxValentinoCouture
Yoongi waving goodbye to the armys who came to support him before leaving the Valentino Haute Couture show🥹 #SUGAxValentinoCouture

SUGA featured on the social media handles of many popular fashion magazines including ELLE, Marie Claire, Harper's Baazar, and more. Several shots and videos taken of him during the entirety of the event went viral, especially due to the significance of the SUGAxValentinoCouture collaboration.

Moreover, given that this is the first time that fans witnessed SUGA being active after the brief break he took last year, they flooded social media platforms with visuals of him at the event. It was also reported that the majority of the crowd that gathered at the bridge near the venue was for BTS SUGA, as they cheered him on during his entrance.

he is literally glowing#SUGAxValentinoCouture#SUGAValentinoDiVas HAUTE COUTURE WITH SUGA
look at him being absolutely angelic and acting like he has no clue that the whole world wants him so bad 😩#SUGAxValentino#SUGAValentinoDiVas#SugaAtValentinoShow#SUGAxValentinoCouture#SUGAatParisFashionWeek
It probably feels like a dream#SUGAxValentinoCoutureHAUTE COUTURE WITH SUGA

Fans supposedly waited for hours before they could get a glimpse of SUGA entering the event and stayed there till the event ended to watch the idol depart. Known for his appreciation towards ARMYs, SUGA made sure to wave at them and thank them as they gathered to watch him participate in Valentino's Haute Couture event.

Yoongi looks like he’s had the much needed and deserved rest during this break and he is THRIVING fr because look at his skin glow, look at the confidence in his poses and walk — LOOK AT HIM 😭 #SUGAxValentinoCouture#SUGAatParisFashionWeek
For the search term “Paris Fashion Week”, #SUGA was the #1 Rising Breakout topic 👏

After the event, both Valentino and BTS SUGA peaked in popularity in Korea. According to Google Trends, Valentino reached 100% interest in the searches at a certain point on January 25, around the time the event was taking place. Naturally, even SUGA began to trend under the related topics and queries section under the Valentino keyword.

With the impressive effect and captivating presence that SUGA had that night, fans overflowed with pride and hailed him for his work. As BTS SUGA continues to participate in other events organized by Valentino for its ongoing Menswear Collection campaign, fans can't wait to see him step out as the brand's global ambassador again.

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