Tana Mongeau shades Jake Paul by calling him 'petty' after he savagely turns down her offer to get back together

From October 13th post on instagram | Image via Instagram/tanamongeau Enter caption
From October 13th post on instagram | Image via Instagram/tanamongeau Enter caption

Tana Mongeau's love for Jake Paul has now turned sour at the drop of a dime. In a slough of tweets early June 18th, Mongeau tweeted the following:

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All of the tweets above are in response to a recent duet on Tana Mongeau's June 17th TikTok. In the original post, Mongeau is seen posing to Olivia Rodrigo's "Favorite Crime" with an on-screen text reading "When you hope he'll fall in love back after a fake wedding but doesn't."

In a duet with Tana's TikTok, Jake Paul sits in his desk chair holding a blue sign before holding it up to read "Hell naw."

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Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's rocky relationship

Tana Mongeau is best known for her storytime YouTube channel and previously dating Bella Thorne. Jake Paul, younger brother of Logan Paul, is best known for his YouTube team, Team 10, and previously worked on the Disney Channel. He, along with Logan Paul, have also turned to boxing as of 2018.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul began dating in April 2019. They made headlines when they hosted an imitation wedding ceremony for Paul's popular YouTube channel in July 2019. During this time, Tana Mongeau signed onto MTV for a web series "MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21." Their relationship lasted through the web series until January 2020, when the couple decided to divorce.

Though both have retained a friendship since their breakup, Mongeau is not ready to move on, according to her most recent post. In a now deleted tweet, Mongeau mentioned Jake Paul's older brother, Logan, to ask him if he wanted to be with her.

Many fans of Tana Mongeau commented on the Twitter thread provided by user DefNoodles.

Since Tana Mongeau's outburst, neither have commented on the incident. At the time of the article, Mongeau's last tweet was seven hours prior. Jake Paul has not acknowledged any comments from fans or Mongeau since his video response.

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