“This was a crime scene”: Incident dubbed as murder-suicide Oklahoma house fire leaves six children and two adults dead

Bodies of eight family members were found inside a burning home (Image via FireFighterDirect/Twitter)
Bodies of eight family members were found inside a burning home (Image via FireFighterDirect/Twitter)

Oklahoma authorities are investigating a possible murder-suicide after the bodies of eight family members, including six children, were found inside a burning home.

On Thursday, October 27, the fire department responded to an incident scene where a fire had erupted in Broken Arrow, located near the Tulsa area in Oklahoma. Upon arrival, officers found eight family members - including six children aged between 1-13, allegedly dead due to unnatural causes. However, the cause of death is currently under investigation.

In a press conference, Broken Arrow Fire Department Chief Jeremy Moore said that they have ruled out fire as the cause of death, since the two adults, found in the front of the house, had injuries that corresponded with wounds “appearing to be criminal in nature.” The children were reportedly found in another part of the house.

During a press conference, the chief said:

“It became obvious to all the fire personnel on the scene that this was a crime scene. So once the initial fire was knocked down, our crews moved to preserve the evidence.”

Oklahoma police responded to the fire on Thursday afternoon

The Oklahoma Fire Police Chief said that at around 4 pm on Thursday, October 27, they were alerted about a fire in the Broken Arrow suburban area. Shortly after, officers arrived at the location and found the two adults dead in front of the house.

Moore added that officers then moved to contain the fire in the rear of the house, where the children - including a baby - were found in a bedroom. Police did not disclose any further information detailing the crime, including the names of the children or the adults, citing an active investigation.

While the police announced the two adults as the primary suspects in the case, they declined to comment on whether the deceased were either responsible for the killings or if they were carried out by one of the suspects.

The deceased Oklahoma family were renting the home for eight years

Meghan Mosley /Twitter
Meghan Mosley /Twitter

According to Tulsa World, the family was renting their Oklahoma home from property owner Kris Welch, who said they had been her tenants for the past eight years. In a statement to the outlet, Welch provided a brief insight into the life of the slain family.

As per the outlet, Welch, who sporadically visited the home for routine inspections, described them as “a regular family, with the exception of the male adult. According to Welch, the adult male had a queer taste in T-shirts.

She told the outlet:

"I did get some weird vibes from him. He wore some T-shirts that were kind of dark and strange. He was quiet. He hardly ever spoke, honestly. I always wondered about that.”
Bronva /Twitter
Bronva /Twitter

The incident comes in the wake of a Wisconsin apartment fire that broke out last week, where six people were found dead with gunshot wounds in an apparent murder-suicide.

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