Twitter is overrun with memes as people refuse to drink "Dasani" water even during the Texas Crisis

(image via Sportskeeda)
(image via Sportskeeda)

Coca-Cola-owned water brand Dasani has been getting a lot of flak on the internet despite the parent company offering it for free to those in need. The hilariously unpopular water brand is now being ridiculed on social media.

Twitter users are stating that they would rather die of dehydration than drink Dasani.

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Why are people posting memes of Dasani water?

Dasani is a universally disliked water brand. The hate doesn't seem to be unfounded. The company claims that salt is added to the water for taste which differentiates it from other water brands.

While that may be technically true, there is a reason most people drink unsalted water. Consuming chlorine has the opposite effect of drinking water as it dehydrates people.

The water brand is not popular in other countries either. In 2004, the manufacture and sale of Dasani was banned in the United Kingdom. The water brand's purification process seemed insufficient as there were hazardous levels of Bromate found in the water.

Coca-Cola had to issue a mass recall, and the product was banned in the country, resulting in a billion-dollar loss to the Coca-Cola corporation.

Here are some Tweets on Dasani:

Texans water pipes have currently frozen over. People are struggling to find clean drinking water. Turning away aid in the form of water may be a tad too excessive.

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