Twitter wants justice for Ted Cruz's dog "Snowflake" who was abandoned in freezing Texas weather

 (image via LorenzoTheCat, Twitter)
(image via LorenzoTheCat, Twitter)

Senator Ted Cruz has found himself in hot water in more ways than one recently. Recently, he was caught fleeing his freezing state of Texas in favor of the sunny skies and beaches of Cancún.

As if abandoning the millions of Texans that he represents wasn't enough, it now seems that Ted Cruz's loyalty doesn't even extend to his own dog. Ted Cruz's dog Snowflake has been abandoned at home while the senator has taken off for a vacation.

Twitter users are up in arms and campaigning for justice in Snowflake's name.

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When did Ted Cruz leave for Mexico, and why did he abandon his dog Snowflake

Following the winter storm that hit Texas, the state's infrastructure failed it almost immediately. Millions of people have lost power in their homes. A consequent loss of water has led to frozen pipes as well.

While most Texans are living through a nightmare, Ted Cruz has absolved himself of all responsibility. He has chosen to flee the country and wait out the storm instead.

Ted Cruz has not only abandoned his poor dog Snowflake in the freezing temperatures. He's since deflected blame by stating that he was being a good father and simply accompanying his daughters to Mexico.

Netizens were not having any of it. They took to Twitter to voice their dissent and to give Snowflake the voice he deserves.

Here are some of the tweets on the same:

When Ted Cruz eventually returns from his vacation, he may have two storms on his hands.

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