Was Amber Heard married before Johnny Depp? Relationship with Tasya Van Ree explored amid mention during trial

Amber Heard and Tasya van Ree (Image via Dario Cantatore/Getty Images)
Amber Heard and Tasya van Ree (Image via Dario Cantatore/Getty Images)

Amid Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard for her 2018 Washington Post op-ed, the actress’ past relationship with Tasya Van Ree has received some attention. Depp sued Heard for $50 million and Heard countersued the actor for $100 million.

In the courtroom, the actress accused Depp of s*xual assault and alleged that the actor had threatened to kill her multiple times. On May 5, the Aquaman star’s psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes seemingly backed Heard’s claims of being subjected to intimate partner violence in Depp's hands.


As the courtroom drama rife with allegations of abuse from both parties intensified, several netizens pointed out how Depp’s exes had spoken in favor of Depp while Heard reportedly had a record of being violent towards her ex-partner, Tasya Van Ree.

Amber Heard’s former relationship and “marriage" with Tasya Van Ree

Amber Heard with Tasya van Ree. (Image via FilmMagic)
Amber Heard with Tasya van Ree. (Image via FilmMagic)

Amber Heard and Tasya Van Ree were reportedly together for around three years since 2008. They were in a domestic partnership, but the two separated in late 2011 or early 2012 following some allegations from Van Ree. A year after their separation, Heard reportedly began her controversial relationship with Johnny Depp.

According to an exclusive report from UK’s Mirror in 2016, Heard and Van Ree entered the domestic partnership when the actress was 22. At the time, gay marriages were not legal in the United States. So, Heard adopted her partner's last name and changed her name to Amber Van Ree. The report of this legally-documented name change first came into the limelight when she filed for divorce from Depp (circa 2016).

The publication also reported that the couple were still together when the historical same-sex marriage bill was passed in New York, which constitutionalized gay marriages. At the time, Heard had just come out as bisexual and she celebrated the legalization of gay marriages in New York.

Allegations of Amber Heard abusing Tasya Van Ree


Tasya Van Ree (46), a Hawaiian native, is a photographer and painter. The abuse allegations against Heard first circulated in around 2009 when the actress was accused of violence because of an incident that took place at the Seattle-Tacoma International airport. Heard and Van Ree were reportedly arguing in the airport when the former allegedly hit the latter. Heard was temporarily arrested by the Port of Seattle Police but Van Ree said that she had been wrongfully accused.

During their divorce trial, Johnny Depp had accused Amber Heard of being violent towards her former partners. According to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail, Depp spoke about the same effect. He said,

“Several women who have been in a relationship with Ms. Heard have come forward to share their personal experiences of brutal violence and other abuse at the hands of Ms. Heard.”

While Depp had claimed the report of former allegations, there has been no substantial report of such accusations from other sources as of yet.

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