WATCH: Disturbing video shows moment FDNY EMT Alison Russo-Elling is stabbed to death in Queens

Alison Russo-Elling was an FDNY veteran of 25 years (Image via Twitter/MarcoTudea, Surdi4NY)
Alison Russo-Elling was an FDNY veteran of 25 years (Image via Twitter/MarcoTudea, Surdi4NY)

In a shocking incident, a New York city EMT, Alison Russo-Elling, was fatally stabbed multiple times by an unidentified man during her lunch break on Thursday, September 29, CBS News reported.

While on duty, Lt. Russo-Elling, a dedicated veteran with the New York City Fire Department's Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, was stabbed more than a dozen times in an unprovoked attack on 20th Avenue and 41st Street around 2.20 pm, The New York Post reported.

A disturbing video posted on Twitter by NY Action shows the horrific moment Alison, who served the city for 25 years as a New York City EMT, was stabbed by a man on the corner of the street.

Trigger Warning: The following video may contain disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

In the video, the 65-year-old EMT was abruptly jumped by a man brandishing a knife. He then pushed her to the ground and stabbed her multiple times.

Following the attack, the EMT was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. Officials are yet to establish a motive behind the violent attack. However, they told the New York Post that investigations indicated this was an unprovoked incident.

According to CBS News, following the incident, the assailant was chased by someone who witnessed the horrific attack. Following the attack, the perpetrator reportedly ran into his residence and barricaded himself inside the apartment.

Police told CBS News that the hostage negotiating team got the 34-year-old perpetrator to step out of his third-floor residence and was then taken into police custody. Officials are yet to release the name of the assailant as this is an active investigation.

Alison Russo-Elling served as a first responder during the 9/11

Alison Russo-Elling had worked as an EMT since 1998 and was promoted to lieutenant in 2016, per CBS News. Russo-Elling also served as a first responder during the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City.

In a press conference, FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh called the attack "barbaric and completely unprovoked."

Kavanagh, seemingly dejected from the incident, described Lt. Russo's death as a “heartbreaking and enraging” loss for the department.

During the press conference, Kavanagh expressed his admiration for the EMT, who faithfully served the city for 25 years. He said Russo-Elling, who was adored by all her colleagues, was “cited multiple times for her bravery.”

In a press briefing, New York Mayor Eric Adams mourned the loss of the EMT and said,

“We lost one of our heroes.”

The New York City Police Department also issued a statement via Twitter mourning the loss of Alison Russo-Elling.

According to the outlet, the unprovoked attack on the veteran EMT in New York City is not an unprecedented incident. FDNY Commissioner Kavanagh said that in the last five years, Russo-Elling is the second member of EMS to die in the line of duty.

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