Watch: Hundreds gather on street to play real-life Squid Game in Netherlands organized by Netflix

Real-life Squid Game play day held in the Netherlands (Image via Twitter/@LikeToBeBossy)
Real-life Squid Game play day held in the Netherlands (Image via Twitter/@LikeToBeBossy)

The craze for holding real-life Squid Game play days has spread worldwide, with the Netherlands being the latest country to host it. In the city of Maastricht, hundreds of people gathered on the streets to play the iconic Red Light, Green Light game, organized by Netflix Netherlands.

Although the show is restricted to an age rating of 16+, kids as young as 10-12 years old attended the event. Dutch citizens also shared that the Mugunghwa doll is on a "city tour" as Twitter users uploaded the games being hosted in Rotterdam city too.

Netherlands’ real-life Squid Game attracts younger kids as crowds gather to play in full cosplay mode

With Squid Game’s ever-rising popularity, real-life Squid Game-inspired play sessions don’t come off as a surprise anymore. The games have already been held in the UAE and might also be held in Gangwon, South Korea. Adding another place to the list is the Netherlands. The only difference is that Netflix Netherlands organized the event themselves.

News outlet 1Limburg reported on-site in Maastricht, where multiple Squid Game fans gathered to play the unforgettable Red Light, Green Light game. Since Netflix organized it, they even installed the creepy Mugunghwa doll at the end of the race.

The game took off in a classic Squid Game way, with people donning pink suits. Some fans even attended the event in green tracksuits. Participants were given number tags too. Winners received a box of Squid Game goodies such as dalgona candy, marbles, tracksuits with the number 456, and more.

The elimination of the game was simple - a pink guard calling out the number on a loudspeaker. One of the highlights of the games was that children as young as 10 years old were seen attending the event too, which speaks to Squid Game’s appeal has surpassed age barriers.

Squid Game’s rating was increased from 12+ to 16+ because of the explicit blood and gore shown in the drama. Children attended the games with their parents. One revealed that even though he has heard about it and seen clips on TikTok, his parents don’t let him watch the show. Whereas, a parent shared that kids should be allowed to watch dramas like Squid Game only after they are explicitly told that it’s fictional.


As fans stated on Twitter, Netflix also organized the game at Rotterdam, which was attended by hundreds of people. The streaming giant is reportedly on a “city tour” in the Netherlands.

While many love the outdoor Squid Game, some are also concerned about health problems that may arise as people are mostly seen without masks.

In other news, MrBeast has also promised to host a real-life Squid Game with 456 random players. Knowing his philanthropic personality and penchant for keeping promises, fans are excited to know who will get the opportunity to play the games.

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