WATCH: Video shows Nashville Police fatally shooting knife-wielding man

(representative image via WPLN)
It was the second fatal shooting linked to Nashville authorities that day (representative image via WPLN)

On Sunday, November 13, Nashville authorities released body-cam footage of officers fatally shooting a knife-wielding man on River Road Pike.

As per WKRN, at approximately 6:05 pm on November 12, Metro Police Officers Ryan Thomas and Cameron Vandermerwe responded to a call reporting that a man was throwing objects at vehicles along River Road Pike. The man was reportedly identified as 64-year-old Drandon John Brown. Several calls were made about him over the course of more than an hour, from roughly 4:45 to 6.

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In the footage, the officers can be seen confronting Brown along the highway. Officer Thomas can be heard asking the suspect if he could talk to him.

Brown, however, allegedly refused to co-operate with the officers. He also denied having taken any substances. He said that he has "a right to walk this street."

He also said:

"I haven't had a drop of alcohol."

As the situation escalated, Thomas turned to Vandermerwe and asked if he was ready.

The suspect then proceeded to take something out of his pocket, which was later identified by the authorities as a knife. As the man approached the officers, Vandermerwe shot him with a taser, though this did not stop the suspect from walking towards them.

At this point, gunfire was heard, though it is unconfirmed which officer used their weapon. A police spokesperson said that Brown died despite efforts to provide aid to him at the scene.

Nashville shooting is under investigation

On Sunday, Nashville authorities released an official statement concerning the shooting. The statement read:

"The investigation is continuing into Saturday night's fatal police shooting on rural River Road Pike. A man on the roadway armed with a knife charged at an officer, resulting in the shooting."

The incident is currently under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Davidson County District Attorney's Office.

WPLN reported that this is the second shooting involving the Metro Nashville Police Department over the course of the weekend.

The first shooting of the weekend

Yahoo reported that on the morning of November 12, Nashville authorities fatally shot an armed suspect in Madison.

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.

As per WKRN, officers were at the scene of the Madison shooting to investigate a non-fatal shooting between civilians. As they investigated the scene, the suspect allegedly approached them with his hands in his pockets.

Officers claimed that they ordered the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets, but he ignored them and continued to walk towards them, crossing the crime scene tape. He reportedly then pulled a handgun and shot at the authorities, leading three Metro Officers to return fire, killing him.

The Madison shooting also remains under investigation.

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