"Disrespectful and weird": Wendy Williams leaves fans livid after she makes fun of TikTok star Swavy, who tragically died in a shooting 

Image via Twitter/WendyWilliams and TikTok/babyface.s
Image via Twitter/WendyWilliams and TikTok/babyface.s

Talk show host Wendy Williams has recently made a few off-color comments about TikTok star Swavy. On July 5th, Babyface, better known as Swavy on TikTok, was fatally shot in Delaware.

Matima Miller, aka Swavy, became viral on TikTok after posting memes in video form and performing dances for his over two million followers on the app.

Though many netizens continue to mourn the loss of the 19-year-old, Wendy Williams presented his death in an odd fashion on her talk show.

She first asked if anyone in the audience was able to recognize who Swavy was. And when the majority of the audience did not respond, Wendy Williams explained his status on TikTok:

"He's a TikTok star. He's got more followers than me, 2.5 million."

As the audience responded accordingly, one of her producers explained that his following was on TikTok, but on Instagram, Williams had more followers. The audience then applauded at that comment before Williams spoke up again.

"Well, as my son Kevin would say: 'No one uses Instagram anymore.' And, as far as TikTok, I don't use that at all. I don't know what that is. I don't want to be involved. So here he is...he's nineteen, and he was murdered Monday morning."

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Many react to Wendy Williams's comments

Though the clip is over a minute long, it has garnered 45 thousand views on Twitter after being posted by user defnoodles. Many users under the post have commented on how uncomfortable the audience must have felt at the time.

Some users came to Wendy Williams's defense, stating that there was nothing wrong with the comments she made or that she did not say anything about his appearance.

One user stated that "she was setting her audience up to feel all guilty once she got to the end." Another user commented that Williams "can kiss her career goodbye."

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Some users claimed the clip of Wendy Williams talking about Swavy is "disrespectful," most likely for a segment of her comparing followers.

One user also pointed out that "she set it up like it was gonna be all comical" before burying the lead in the story.

At the time of the article, Wendy Williams was trending on Twitter under the entertainment section. Her clip has garnered over seven thousand tweets about her comments. A tweet depicting TikTok user kitarose_ has also been circulating in reaction to Wendy Williams's comments.

Williams, or any member of her team, has not come forward with any further comments about the situation.

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