Did Babyface from TikTok die? Fans pay tribute to "Swavy" as friend seemingly confirms news of his death

Images via Instagram
Images via Instagram

TikToker Babyface aka Swavy was fatally shot at 10:42 on July 5th. His friend Damaury Mikula confirmed the news. His close friends spoke about his personality as they looked back at their friendship. Swavy's family has not released an official statement yet.

The TikToker was known for posting dance routines, funny skits and reacting to tweets on the platform. Swavy had amassed over 2.3 million followers and also collaborated with other TikTokers. Swavy also hosted several giveaways across the platform.

Fans have been flooding Swavy’s social media as a friend confirmed news of the TikToker’s tragic death.

How did Swavy die? 19-year old TikTok star reportedly shot

The news of the 19-year old’s death was a shock to many. Matima Miller (Babyface) was shot near the 700 block of Elbert Place, according to the Washington Police Department.


Damauray, who went under the name of Famous Nunu, released a video on YouTube titled “RIP Bro...Love You”. Confirming the news, he shed light on how he was feeling.

Damauray said,

He got shot and I just want to let you all know that I’m about to take over for that n****a. All he did was make videos bro. He is real as hell.

Damauray continued,

I literally just texted him everything on Instagram before this. Literally, probably like right before it happened. It happened this morning.
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Swavy’s friend Destiny also confirmed the news by posting on social media. She took to her Instagram stories and wrote,

I love you sm to the moon and back.

She also posted a video of them together and captioned it

I just need a hug from you one more time.

Swavy’s videos on TikTok skyrocketed after being viewed several times by ardent fans. The TikToker also went on to have brand deals and become the brand ambassador of a company. Babyface’s TikTok dance video made to the sound of YvnggPrince has been viewed over 180,000 times.

Several fans rushed to Twitter to pay their condolences and were shocked to find out about the young TikToker’s death.

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