What did Christina and Billy Myers Jr. do? North Carolina parents arrested after 5-year-old daughter found dead inside home

North Carolina parents were arrested in connection to their daughter
North Carolina parents were arrested in connection to their daughter's death. (Image via Twitter/@Suzie S)

North Carolina parents, Billy Myers Jr. and Christina Myers were arrested on July 24 after their 5-year-old daughter was found dead in their house in North Carolina's Seagrove. The duo was taken to the Randolph County Detention Center, where they were charged with felony child abuse. A family member also confirmed that the victim suffered from seizures and had cerebral palsy.

Trigger warning: The article contains references to child abuse. Readers' discretion is advised.

Authorities found the deceased child after they arrived at the house for a welfare check, however, the reason behind the check currently remains unknown. According to authorities, they found shreds of evidence at the crime scene that convinced them to arrest the parents of the victim. Officials are trying to uncover the events that led to the death of the child.


The North Carolina couple's next court appearance has been scheduled for August 16, 2023.

A couple from North Carolina was arrested after they were accused of abusing their child

Authorities made a horrific discovery during a welfare check at a house in North Carolina's Seagrove when they found the dead body of a 5-year-old girl. After responding officers discovered the remains of the child, they called the Randolph County Criminal Investigations Division, who then started a death probe.

Eventually, cops arrested the parents after finding evidence that linked them to the child's death. However, as per the Randolph County Sheriff's Office, law enforcement officials have not shared more details about the evidence they uncovered.

WGHP, a local news outlet, released a video that captured the house where the 5-year-old victim was found. The footage revealed that the rooms in the house were filled with garbage. According to a family member, who spoke to news outlets, the North Carolina couple were loving parents. Michael Anderson, the girl's uncle said:

“She had a tube in her stomach to feed her to take her medicine that way. She had leg braces.”


The suspects, who are parents to three children, were appointed public defenders, and bonds of $250,000 were set in each of their cases. Police are currently investigating the case and are yet to determine the time and cause of death of the victim.

Authorities discovered that the victim's mother was charged with misdemeanor child abuse in 2019

Anderson revealed that in the last few years, the Department of Social Services had visited the residence on different occasions. Anderson additionally stated that the couple loved their children, and would never abuse or harass them.

“I hope they get to come home because I know they love all three of their kids,” he said.

Apart from the victim, the North Carolina couple has two other children, who are currently staying with their aunt. Upon thorough investigation, cops also found out that Christina Myers was charged with misdemeanor child abuse, back in 2019, but the charges were later dismissed.

The investigation is currently ongoing and authorities have urged the public to reach out to them if they have any information regarding the case.

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